So lately, God has really shown me who I am. We need to have a relationship with God. And with our relationship with God, by getting to know God, his light will help you get to know yourself better as well. He has helped me understand who I am as a person, what I do that I don’t really realize, and what I enjoy/suck and good at.

As a person, he’s showed me a deeper understanding of my personality and my character. One thing he showed me is how awkward I can be. I actually found it quite funny at first.

However, within days I had others bring it to my attention. At first, it bothered me that people were talking about me in that way. I didn’t like how people used it against me. But, that’s when I realized it was a flaw in my personality that God was showing me. Nobody is perfect, everyone has those flaws. But, if you ask God to show you your flaws and help you fix them, he will.

“Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous fall.” -Psalm 55: 22

You might wonder how this verse is even relevant to what I’m saying right now, but I guess that basically if you truly care about who you are, then God give you what you need to become a better person. NOT perfect, because no one is perfect, but BETTER.

In the big picture, even is someone is hurting you, God has a reason he’s doing it. He might be trying to show you something you’re doing wrong! Or testing you. But either way, once again, he knows what exactly he’s doing.

Now I’m working on fixing those flaws God has shown me. That’s only possible with the power of God. I’m excited for change, because it’s God’s change!




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