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Breaking Even.


I feel like I haven’t blogged in forever. To be honest, I feel like my life is SO out of place. Like, everything is out of control…I have no time for anything! Even blogging! Truth is, I have hours and hours to skype friends, but when it comes to spending time with my family, God, or school, it’s seems as if it’s always my second or third priority, if not last. The worst part is, I know it hurts my parents when I’m always with my friends, and I never really spend time with them. :/

I think first thing is first: My priorites.

Right now, my priorities are this:

1) Friends

2) God

3) School

4) Family

AHHH. That’s WAY messed up. First of all, God should be first! The list (in my opinion) should look like this:

1) God

2) Family

3) School

4) Friends

Now that I’ve straightened that out, I need to do something about it. I realized, no matter how much I deny it with my parents, I have too much freedom. My parents have constantly asked me to stop skyping while doing homework. What do I say? No. Why? Because I’m not disciplined. I need to discipline myself by first, listening to my parents, and doing homework without the distraction of skype. The reason I’m usually on skype is for what my friends and I call, “company.” But the question is, why don’t I enjoy my parent’s company instead? Like, why am I putting my friends before family? I tend to take them all for granted. And I don’t like that. I think if I discipline myself, everything will just fall into place. God would let it.

God has given me the gift of math. It’s usually my easier subject, and I enjoy it. (hahaha, yes, i’m a little nerd but…) Even if I fall asleep in class, as long as I took notes, I’d easily ace the test without studying. However, last week we took a quiz. All of last week I was skyping. I barely finished my homework. I got no sleep, what so ever. And guess what? I didn’t do too good on my quiz… (I don’t think my parents still know about it…uh oh … haha) That’s when it hit me. My overall grade didn’t change, but that one grade showed me something God had been trying me for a while : My priorities need to change. It hit me at last! That’s when I realized that God really does want me to get off of skype and leave my room to do other things.

Here’s the thing though, I’m pretty sure my last blog was about skyping and distractions. My whole concept was clear to me, how skype is distracting me from other things…but did I do it? NO! ahhh, that’s the problem. I say I’m going to…but I never end up doing it. And that’s what I’m going to work on this week, actually doing what I say I’m going to do: Fix Priorites! Which means no more skyping until other priorities are finished. (Which means more time with God and my family! 🙂 )

One more thing I’d like to say in today’s post. So recently, I’ve been lazy. Yes, because of skype. But then again, I can’t blame it on skype because I am the person falling for it, so it all comes back to me… but anyways, that’s not what I was getting at. My laziness has accounted for the several reasons my room isn’t clean, the reason I only take showers when I need to, and the reason I only put myself together if I need to. Now, this all comes back to my hygiene…yes, that’s a different story, but there’s also something else it comes down to.

Personally, I don’t worry much about the future. I strongly do believe that God has a plan for me, so no matter what I go through, God has put me through for a reason and I’ll become a better person because of it. But, when I’m lazy, I’m not preparing myself for anything or anyone. I’m not showing God, nor am I showing a side of me I’d really want everyone to know.

Today’s sermon at Church was by Dev Uncle, who is such an inspiration to everyone. He talked about hope. And that’s something I realized I don’t have. Yes, I have hope for the future far ahead of me, but what about the near future? The cause of my laziness is also because I don’t see anything to look forward to the next day, school. I need hope for myself to enjoy the coming days ahead of me. Hope, is what creates happiness. Hope, is what makes us want to search for God.

“Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always.” -Psalm 105:4



“For in this hope we were saved. But hope that is seen is no hope at all. Who hopes for what he already has? But if we hope for what we do not yet have, we wait for it patiently.”



-Romans 8:24-25

I’m not sure if I’ve used any of those verses before, but I do know they correlate. We need hope for the day to get up in the morning. We need hope to be able to have the urge and passion to seek God and his beauty. We need hope!

And now, because of hope, I’m hoping (hahaha) to have to great week ahead of me, without skype. Unless of course, I’m done with homework. 😉
I need to remember to do everything for and through Christ because Christ lives in me. Everything I do needs to reflect God. I’m going to dress up like Christ wants me to, and praise him in a way that will glorify him. And guess what? Without skype, I’ll have more time to work on my music! I feel like I haven’t done that in forever too.

You know, I just got really excited. I love blogging because it lets my mind process and learn more than I ever thought I did. Hmmm.

I pray that this week, God shows me something new.



Distraction Much?


You know, sometimes I wonder if I’m doing things right. It’s crazy.  Like, you don’t know if this choice is the right choice or the choice you should’ve made. You know what I’m saying?

One thing I didn’t know what I was doing right was my schedule and my priorities. For some reason, recently I’ve felt so much stress, like I’m missing something that’s really important. That something, (which actually isn’t the proper term, but…) is God. I was missing God.

I wasn’t giving as much priority to God as I should’ve been, or had been before when I had desperately “needed him.” Here is one thing I had to get through my head. I’m always going to need God. Even if I’m happy where my life is right now, it’s only because God has put me in this position, so I can’t take credit for what God has done for me. In fact, I should recognize him for it. But that goes on a totally different topic…

The main thing I want to focus on is why I didn’t give as much priority to God. “Why” would give me all the answers to “What is the problem” and “How to fix the problem.” So I asked why. Turns out that day, while reading my Daily Bread, this topic came up. (And I’m summarizing, but…)

It explained how sin is what separates us from God. Yes, we know that. But, it also said that anything can be separating us from God if we give that object or person more attention and priority than God.

For me, as silly as this sounds, it was skype. I spent hours and hours on it a day, and never gave anytime for anything else, including school, family, and more importantly GOD.

In order to get anywhere with God, you have to make time for him. And that’s what I’m trying to do. AHHHH. It’s SO much harder than you think because you have the urge to just get back on and SKYPE!

But anyways,

that’s all 🙂


❤ Salomess.



There’s a phase where I feel like the whole world is rebelling against me, where I feel like there’s a lot of people out there who just don’t like me, and won’t stop talking bad stuff about me. It’s like you don’t know who truly likes you, and you don’t know what people actually think of you. Yeah. To be honest, feeling like that hurts. You’re always worried, but you don’t actually know why. It’s because you feel like everyone hates you.

Truth is, there are going to be people who don’t like you. But God pointed something out to me today, in countless different ways. I’ll just point a few ways out.

My friend and I were talking about sports, and she had mentioned to me that if she played for the school, she’d need to get financial aid to help pay for the cost. That right there had caught me. I realized that God has provided me with so much I’m taking granted. I’m very lucky and blessed by God to be able to have the money we have. To know that my parents are able to support me, and that God is able to provide me with everything I need makes me feel so secure. It makes me feel less worried, and more loved.

Then later that day, my friend called me because she had a bad day. After that phone call, I realized how blessed I am to have a family that I get along with, that loves me. To know that I have friends who will love me no matter what I do or say. To know, my sister and my parents are not people I should take for granted.

That’s when it hit me. God put the people who love me the most close to me. Those are people I can’t take for granted. Those are the people I see everyday, but why don’t I spend enough time loving them instead of worrying about who doesn’t love me outside my circle of close ones?

Basically, it comes down to this. God has given me the family and friends that I need. I need to be grateful for what he has blessed me with, not looking around for other things to satisfy me. Sometimes I may feel alone, but the people who I really need are just a corner away – looking after you. Don’t take them for granted! (Being taken for granted doesn’t feel too good either…:P)

And now I have to put in some bible verse, right? Well, this is the one verse that stood out to me today.

“I will punish their sin with the rod, their iniquity with flogging; but i will not take my love from him, nor will I ever betray my faithfulness.” -Psalm 89:32-33

When I read this, the first thing that came up to my mind was this. No matter what we do, God will definitely give us the punishment we deserve, BUT he also won’t ever stop loving us. Just like a father won’t stop loving his son, God won’t ever stop loving us. And that’s something we also shouldn’t take for granted. — God’s love.

Sometimes we continuously sin knowing that God will forgive our sins and still forgive us. I know I’ve been guilty of that. That’s when we know we’re taking our relationship with God granted. We’re taking advantage of everything God sacrificed for us. But why? Why can’t we just do what’s right because we feel the need to be grateful to him? Now that is when you want to worship! …But that’s going toward a whole other direction, so…

I guess I’m saying that today God showed me that if I’m grateful for what I already have, then I won’t need anything else, and I won’t have to worry about other people’s opinions on me. Some people like me, some don’t, but God always will. ❤


Don’t Regret


So today, I have a simple message.

Something that God has taught me lately is to never regret anything.

Anything and everything you do and go through is put there for a purpose. The worst moments make you who you have become, and the best moments are there to cherish. And, when you are going to through a challenge, it’s because God has called you to be put in the position…for a reason.

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” -Romans 8:28

I know there are several things I wish I hasn’t done, but then I come to realize that because I made those mistakes, I know I’ve changed into who I am now, which I believe was God’s plan for me.

Also, in some way, there is something to cherish in every moment. Even if it’s a death, we can celebrate that the person has gone to heaven! 🙂 And in a loss of a championship, we can be grateful for even reaching the championship. We mustn’t forget the blessings God gave us before we reached the tempatation or loss. 

 That’s why, I don’t think there’s any reason to regret anything.

And just remember, God died on the cross for us, which shows us how much he loveS (present tense) us. He accepts our past, knows our present, and is preparing you for the future. He loves us, and will guide us through any situation, so keep your head up toward God and walk down the road! 🙂