There’s a phase where I feel like the whole world is rebelling against me, where I feel like there’s a lot of people out there who just don’t like me, and won’t stop talking bad stuff about me. It’s like you don’t know who truly likes you, and you don’t know what people actually think of you. Yeah. To be honest, feeling like that hurts. You’re always worried, but you don’t actually know why. It’s because you feel like everyone hates you.

Truth is, there are going to be people who don’t like you. But God pointed something out to me today, in countless different ways. I’ll just point a few ways out.

My friend and I were talking about sports, and she had mentioned to me that if she played for the school, she’d need to get financial aid to help pay for the cost. That right there had caught me. I realized that God has provided me with so much I’m taking granted. I’m very lucky and blessed by God to be able to have the money we have. To know that my parents are able to support me, and that God is able to provide me with everything I need makes me feel so secure. It makes me feel less worried, and more loved.

Then later that day, my friend called me because she had a bad day. After that phone call, I realized how blessed I am to have a family that I get along with, that loves me. To know that I have friends who will love me no matter what I do or say. To know, my sister and my parents are not people I should take for granted.

That’s when it hit me. God put the people who love me the most close to me. Those are people I can’t take for granted. Those are the people I see everyday, but why don’t I spend enough time loving them instead of worrying about who doesn’t love me outside my circle of close ones?

Basically, it comes down to this. God has given me the family and friends that I need. I need to be grateful for what he has blessed me with, not looking around for other things to satisfy me. Sometimes I may feel alone, but the people who I really need are just a corner away – looking after you. Don’t take them for granted! (Being taken for granted doesn’t feel too good either…:P)

And now I have to put in some bible verse, right? Well, this is the one verse that stood out to me today.

“I will punish their sin with the rod, their iniquity with flogging; but i will not take my love from him, nor will I ever betray my faithfulness.” -Psalm 89:32-33

When I read this, the first thing that came up to my mind was this. No matter what we do, God will definitely give us the punishment we deserve, BUT he also won’t ever stop loving us. Just like a father won’t stop loving his son, God won’t ever stop loving us. And that’s something we also shouldn’t take for granted. — God’s love.

Sometimes we continuously sin knowing that God will forgive our sins and still forgive us. I know I’ve been guilty of that. That’s when we know we’re taking our relationship with God granted. We’re taking advantage of everything God sacrificed for us. But why? Why can’t we just do what’s right because we feel the need to be grateful to him? Now that is when you want to worship! …But that’s going toward a whole other direction, so…

I guess I’m saying that today God showed me that if I’m grateful for what I already have, then I won’t need anything else, and I won’t have to worry about other people’s opinions on me. Some people like me, some don’t, but God always will. ❤



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