Distraction Much?


You know, sometimes I wonder if I’m doing things right. It’s crazy.  Like, you don’t know if this choice is the right choice or the choice you should’ve made. You know what I’m saying?

One thing I didn’t know what I was doing right was my schedule and my priorities. For some reason, recently I’ve felt so much stress, like I’m missing something that’s really important. That something, (which actually isn’t the proper term, but…) is God. I was missing God.

I wasn’t giving as much priority to God as I should’ve been, or had been before when I had desperately “needed him.” Here is one thing I had to get through my head. I’m always going to need God. Even if I’m happy where my life is right now, it’s only because God has put me in this position, so I can’t take credit for what God has done for me. In fact, I should recognize him for it. But that goes on a totally different topic…

The main thing I want to focus on is why I didn’t give as much priority to God. “Why” would give me all the answers to “What is the problem” and “How to fix the problem.” So I asked why. Turns out that day, while reading my Daily Bread, this topic came up. (And I’m summarizing, but…)

It explained how sin is what separates us from God. Yes, we know that. But, it also said that anything can be separating us from God if we give that object or person more attention and priority than God.

For me, as silly as this sounds, it was skype. I spent hours and hours on it a day, and never gave anytime for anything else, including school, family, and more importantly GOD.

In order to get anywhere with God, you have to make time for him. And that’s what I’m trying to do. AHHHH. It’s SO much harder than you think because you have the urge to just get back on and SKYPE!

But anyways,

that’s all 🙂


❤ Salomess.


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