A Pause at Life.


You know the other day when I was talking to God, I told him something. I told him that if a certain event happened it wouldn’t really bother me.

Funny thing is, today that incident actually happened. I wasn’t really expecting God to put me through this, and to be honest, I wasn’t ready. It bothered me more than I expected, but I know deep down it shouldn’t. I feel like God is letting this happen with the same specific people for a reason, and I don’t know what reason, but like I feel like God is trying to make me stronger.

I’m not worried, but I do have hope. (Like I blogged about last time) And, it really does help! I’ve had such better days because of the faith I’ve put into God, and the hope to look forward too!

I’ve also cut down on the skype, and guess what? My life is slowly coming back together. Of course changes aren’t going to have an instant chain reaction, but I can feel my priorities slowly revolving back. I’m excited.

The only thing I’d say I’m not fully prepared for, is what God is going to do with the situation that bothers me…kinda. I’m starting to move on. I can’t hold on to the past forever, and maybe that’s what God’s teaching me? Hmm, we’ll see…

You know, I just got excited! Haha, I love the future, and the plans God has for us. People can do what they want, but everything happens for a reason that GOD HAS PLANNED OUT! If it’s God’s will, it WILL happen. : )



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