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I’m the type of person who hates being corrected. Now, there are a few exceptions, but I have moments where if I feel like I’m better at something, they should not be correcting me. One example of this is Tennis. I’m definitely not a pro, but I don’t suck, and because of this, I can sometimes act like the tennis era revolves around me. This…is absolutely, indescribably, crazily, (this list could go on forever…) TERRIBLE.

Well, welcome to the flaws of my life. However, for every flaw, there is a solution, the same solution: The bible! (Yayaya!:) )

So when we break down this problem, there are two pieces. First, there is the humbleness concept. God may have given you a talent, but you can’t abuse it.

“Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourself.” -Phillipians 2:3

Don’t treat others like they’re stupid because they haven’t reached your skill level. Don’t act like you’re better than them, help them. Consider them better than you and see how the perspective changes!

Part two of this problem is: Not accepting corrections…Would you like a bible verse for that? I have a short and easy one that helps me:

“He who heeds discipline shows the way to life, but whoever ignores correction leads others astray.” Proverbs 10: 17

With correction you’ll get better. Without correction, you lead you AND other people in the wrong direction.

So basically, accept correction, and let humility be the key to my success…right after God!


Hee hee hee,





Soo, for those of you who know me quite well…I hate history. History class is normally the class I take my nap of the day in (when I don’t get time in gym)…lol, just kidding. However, I wasn’t kidding about not enjoying history. I thought it was a redundant class.

So, about a week ago, I was sitting class, expecting to follow my daily routine. We were learning about Roman history, the rise and fall of their Empire, and the important emperors that had ruled during this period. One emperor was Constintine, and I heard the coolest story EVER about him.

The Romans were in War. At this time, Christianity wasn’t very popular and liked. Nor were the Jews. The Roman Gods were the main religion. I don’t think Constintine was Christian at the time either. However, before the upcoming battle, Constintine claimed to have recieved a vision from the Christian God saying to put crosses on the helmets and shields for the next battle called the The Battle of Milvina Bridge. (Or something close hahah) But guess what? IT VICTORY FOR THE ROMANS!  

After that battle, Contintine made Christianity a HUGE deal. Pretty soon, it became the official religion! And it was because of this battle that Christianity rampantly spread! If God didn’t let this victory occur through the vision, Chrisitanty wouldn’t be where it is. America wouldn’t have grown up in a Christian Nation, and nor would’ve the European countries.

Within in the big picture, it helped me realize that God truly does know what he’s doing. When things seem silly, and situations unjust, God still knows what’s happening. He’s planning for WAAY ahead in the future…like way past our generation. That is, if it’s his will. Just trust God.

“To God belong wisdom and power, counsel and understanding are his.” -Job 12:13

It was only recently that I began to understand the importance of history, and the connection it had within our society and religion today. It was actually cool. History still isn’t my favorite subject, but when I see connections like this, I’m pretty much in awe.

Awwww, exciting right?

❤ Salome



So recently, I learned something about my (not to be racist), white friend. He’s Buddhist. I think it’s a very unique religion, the concept of it is very pure.

However, when I asked him if he was raised like that from childhood, he said no. He stated he was Christian, and then converted to Buddhism. Why? Christianity was very hypocritical…he has a point. 

There are many Christians out there who are hypocritical. There are Christians who constantly lie and cheat, gossip, hate, commit sexual immorality, steal, and do the exact opposite of what Christian are supposed to do. With people like this, of course people would look down on Christians!

I’m not here to judge. In fact, I’m not supposed to, that’s God’s job. But, we do need to make sure we aren’t hypocrites. Here’s how I think about it:

“And so we know and rely on the love God has for us. God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God and God in him.” -1 John 4:16

God is love. God lives in us through the love we spread from him. We need to strongly show people that we are true Christians, so they can see the true God. Love, peace, unity, joy, happiness!

Let us be careful that we aren’t those hyprocites saying we are Christians, because we want to leave a good impression. Anything good AND bad will affect our image AND God’s image. Is that what we want?


<3, Salomezz.

Wonderful Cross


So my life now is at a point where it’s beginning to balance everything out. Hard, but I can feel it’s working. I have moments where I slack, but I’m reaching the point where I’m understand the value and importance of everything God gives me, no matter how hard or time-consuming it is.

I’m not spending as much time with God as I’d like, and that’s because I choose not to make time…and that’s bad. I’m still trying to match that into the equation of life. (If you haven’t figured out, I love math. Hehehe.)

Anyways, the cross has always been an emblem of Christianity. Why? Jesus died on it. So what?

I went to church today, and nothing big came out of the picture. However, today while I was playing random chords on my guitar today, I recognized a familiar song. Listen to it:

I began playing it on my guitar along with the music, and I just couldn’t stop smiling! It means so much! And I love the chorus:

“Oh the Wonderful Cross, oh the wonderful Cross,

Bids me come and die, To find that I may truly live.

All who gather here, by grace draw near to bless your name.”

This means so much, God died on the CROSS and THAT’s a big deal because THAT’s why we live! And on top of that, we should use our life to praise him! I could just tell at that moment God was speaking to me. And I’m just really happy.

But what’s more significant than the cross is the person who died on it…JESUS.


He died on the wonderful cross and we owe our whole fricking life to him! Hehehe!(: Because he shed his, we don’t need to sacrifice lambs and sheep…we just need to repent and let him control us:)

Oh, the wonderful cross.