Wonderful Cross


So my life now is at a point where it’s beginning to balance everything out. Hard, but I can feel it’s working. I have moments where I slack, but I’m reaching the point where I’m understand the value and importance of everything God gives me, no matter how hard or time-consuming it is.

I’m not spending as much time with God as I’d like, and that’s because I choose not to make time…and that’s bad. I’m still trying to match that into the equation of life. (If you haven’t figured out, I love math. Hehehe.)

Anyways, the cross has always been an emblem of Christianity. Why? Jesus died on it. So what?

I went to church today, and nothing big came out of the picture. However, today while I was playing random chords on my guitar today, I recognized a familiar song. Listen to it:


I began playing it on my guitar along with the music, and I just couldn’t stop smiling! It means so much! And I love the chorus:

“Oh the Wonderful Cross, oh the wonderful Cross,

Bids me come and die, To find that I may truly live.

All who gather here, by grace draw near to bless your name.”

This means so much, God died on the CROSS and THAT’s a big deal because THAT’s why we live! And on top of that, we should use our life to praise him! I could just tell at that moment God was speaking to me. And I’m just really happy.

But what’s more significant than the cross is the person who died on it…JESUS.


He died on the wonderful cross and we owe our whole fricking life to him! Hehehe!(: Because he shed his, we don’t need to sacrifice lambs and sheep…we just need to repent and let him control us:)

Oh, the wonderful cross.


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