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Granted for Granting


So today, I heard the most despising thing. This new girl, well 6 months new, was making fun of an innocent girl who cut her jeans into capris. About two months ago, she had said that she bought all her nice clothes on a shopping spree with her family… using, well, lets just say money that wasn’t hers. This girl goes to school for free, and doesn’t give any interest into her future, or education.

Now, I’m not to judge, but this frustrated me a lot. Why? She’s only one of the many people who don’t care about their lives… Right? No, every single person is provided with education from the taxes
we pay to the government. Especially if she’s not supporting the funding, I don’t understand why she takes her education so
nonchalantly, and then continues to make fun of a girl who works hard and will get somewhere in life! I guess it just makes me mad how she’s taking it for granted.

However, the connection to God I made with this was interesting. God provides us with unconditional love, grace, and mercy… God gives it to us for free!, just like the free education. And then a lot of times we are the people who take the education for free. We take God’s goodness for free. A lot of times we get caught up with the fact that God will just forgive us after we commit a sin, mostly knowingly. Ugh, you know that feeling? It’s malicious.

This post kinda sounds like I was venting… Bahah, but it’s just something I thought was interesting.

<333 Salomes.


The Path On the Way


So I just listened to the song Blessings, by Laura Story. I LOVE THIS SONG. I literally sing to it every night before I go to bed! It’s SO meaningful! The chorus goes like this:

“What if your blessings come through raindrops,

What if your healing comes through tears,

What if the thousand sleepless nights are what it takes to know your near?
What if trials of your life are your mercies in disguise?”

So, in church, we have a quick test for our Sunday School test based off a lesson book. Right after listening to this song, I decided to take a look at it, guess what page I turned on? “Understanding God’s Will” . Coincidence? I think not. I think God purposely did that.

I’m not sure what trial, if so, God is referring to, but maybe he’s trying to tell me to be prepared? Or maybe it’s an obstacle that I’m facing right now, I just don’t see it.

“Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God, trust also in me.” John 14:1

❤ Salome

Mothaas! :)


Hey you, ya you! Remember me? Haha, I haven’t blogged in what feels like forever. It’s so busy, and there’s only two more weeks of school! That means two things: Summer is almost here! and …Finals (and grades = studying). But other than that business, today is also Mother’s Day!

Long back when, women have always been looked down upon, which is sad considering I’m a woman. However, when you read bible stories you see that women made such a huge impact in the stories!

For example, Mary. Jesus was born from Mary. I think a concept people generally forget is that people were born from mothers. I was, you were…even your mom was. God created mothers/women unique in that way. Mary was Jesus’ mother, and was the best mother she could be. 🙂

My mom, I know for a fact, is AWESOME. I love her a lot, and I’m so very blessed to have a mother just like her. I’m glad God has given me her guidance and couseling, and I can’t wait for the future!(:

This post is kinda different than my other ones…but my point is, Mothers are definitely a gift from God.

Happy Mother’s Day!

<3, Salomess