Mothaas! :)


Hey you, ya you! Remember me? Haha, I haven’t blogged in what feels like forever. It’s so busy, and there’s only two more weeks of school! That means two things: Summer is almost here! and …Finals (and grades = studying). But other than that business, today is also Mother’s Day!

Long back when, women have always been looked down upon, which is sad considering I’m a woman. However, when you read bible stories you see that women made such a huge impact in the stories!

For example, Mary. Jesus was born from Mary. I think a concept people generally forget is that people were born from mothers. I was, you were…even your mom was. God created mothers/women unique in that way. Mary was Jesus’ mother, and was the best mother she could be. 🙂

My mom, I know for a fact, is AWESOME. I love her a lot, and I’m so very blessed to have a mother just like her. I’m glad God has given me her guidance and couseling, and I can’t wait for the future!(:

This post is kinda different than my other ones…but my point is, Mothers are definitely a gift from God.

Happy Mother’s Day!

<3, Salomess


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