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He Knows Me Better Than I Know Myself


Plans. Yes, I understand they don’t always work out the way you want to, but when you get excited about something, it’s hard not to kick your mood down.

A couple weeks ago (yes, this post was due quite a while ago lol.) my friends and I had an amazing plan about homecoming. Clearly, plans didn’t work as I wished…but more than anything it made me feel left out.

My first post on this blog talked about how God says no for his own reason – and I’ve definitely seen the outcome of that. SO MANY different things happened because of that one choice. But then, there’s more to add. God knows me way better than I know myself. If he knows going to that homecoming won’t be the best for me, he’ll most likely stop it (unless it’s his plan obviously) …because he cares. God will have something more productive for you to do, whether or not you see it as a benefit.

Coincidently that homecoming was tonight. And you know what? I know exactly why…well not exactly, but I have an idea of why I didn’t go. And I don’t mind. God was right – He knows me better than I know myself.

In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps. -Proverbs 16:9


Retreat Biz 2011


There’s so much I have written down that I need to blog lol. I don’t know when I’ll get to it! I keep procrastinating. Hopefully, I’ll get somewhere on this post.

About two weeks ago was our annual church retreat, and I wasn’t expecting to spiritually get anything out of it, but after tears and years of laughter I came to the realization that I actually did! There were two things that really stuck.

#1 – After listening to older teens and young adults about their journey with God, I realized I have so much more to go. There is never an end with your journey with God! It’s a friendship that can potentially become stronger. The moment you believe that you’ve come to the end of your journey with God, you’ll let go and you’ll drift away. I feel like that’s what happened to me…kind of lol. The main thing is, there is never an end. once you die you go to heaven you live your life in heaven with GOD!

#2 – Religion can be scary. If you think about it, what happens after life becomes scary. Not only that, but to think there is something greater than us that watches over our every step…it becomes crazy to think about! But after we overcome our fear and believe the outcome…it’s amazing. At the retreat we focused a lot on the topic of heaven. Children grow, people don’t die, no drama or bad hair days, and everyone’s happy. It sounded like a BEAUTIFUL place. It made me kind of …actually let me rephrase that – REALLY excited. Even though in my earthly life my journey with religion and God can be scary, the outcome will be worth it. Staying with God and living in beautiful heaven – glorious.