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You know, once again I was supposed to post this awhile ago, but this event in my life was a big one so I’m still writing about it lol.

So, I actually think it happened a month ago…but I was bored and I came acrossed Nine Lives of Chloe King. I watched all 10 episodes in 2 days, and I WAS PUMPED, like crazy excited for the next episode…only to find out that they aren’t making another season!

As silly as it sounds…I was devastated…like majorly. I wanted to cry…I even texted my best friends to talk to them about this horrible moment and how stupid studios are for not realizing what a good show is. After about 3 days of being caught up with this, my friend told me something important: “Don’t get caught up with something fictional, you have your own life!” I came to a conclusion; God was trying to teach me.

I spend hours watching a show and crying over characters that didn’t exist…when I have my own life God gave me! I needed to realize how reality was already on my plate, and how stories in my life are stories that I’m painting! If I spend the rest of life focusing on some other fantasy, my life would be like the movie Inception…how creepy right? And that’s what I learned. I learned never to get too attached to a TV series. Be happy with what God has given you and watch your own life. If we can enjoy man made tv series… What makes it so hard to enjoy a series God himself creates?



A Footprint


My best friend wrote this beautiful essay:

” My number one pet peeve is when things do not go as planned. However, I can remember a certain day near the end of the school year when nothing occurred as it was supposed to. Yet, it was one of my happiest days.
    Maybe that Saturday was predisposed to be a good one, because when I woke up it was a perfect day after a weeklong overcast. In theory, I was supposed to (finally) get my hair cut, get frozen yogurt with my best friend, and then attend a musical with some other friends. I always feel content when I know exactly what I’m going to do, and that Saturday was no exception to what was going to be a productive weekend. Now that I think about it, I probably had a whole list of little things to do, and personally it drives me insane when I can’t mark my errands with a little check. But that’s exactly what happened.
    My best friend, being as impulsive as she is, decided at the last minute to meet an hour before we were supposed to at the local Starbucks. I don’t even like coffee. Her stone of indecisiveness had killed two of my big plans, no haircut, no fro – yo. Then she and her dad somehow persuaded mine to a match of tennis at the rec center, which ultimately left too small of a time frame for me (a teenage girl) to get ready for the musical.
All this, and it was still one of my favorite days ever. I look back and I noticed that day in and day out, I had spent close to every single minute with people I love. Clearly, it wasn’t the events that caused its memorability. Nor was it the amount of money I spent. It was the people. My mom and her amazing pancakes in the morning, my dad trying to teach my younger sisters how to serve a tennis ball, and of course my best friends. Sometimes, no matter what you do, even if it’s not on your to-do list that day, sometimes, as long as you are with people whose company you enjoy, it will be memorable.
    So was the case for my friend Sam, but with a more positive twist on the events of her day. A few of her other friends and I had decided to throw a surprise birthday party for her 15th. Sam had been expecting a considerably boring day: school, dinner with just her parents, and staying home that night.
    Man, the look on her face when thirteen of her closest friends jumped out of her basement yelling “Happy Birthday”? Priceless. It was a look of true joy. Genuine happiness. The delivery of her favorite pizza and the cutting of her favorite “Tres Leches” cake didn’t cause it. Nor was it because of the mound of presents on her coffee table; she forgot about them until afterwards and even then, wasn’t her favorite part of the night. It was the thirteen smiling faces, faces that belonged to people that wanted nothing more than to give their friend a great birthday. Some had driven an hour to celebrate with her, others had exerted much effort into coordinating the get-together, and still others just added to the elated vibe of the room.
    When asking a middle-aged man what his happiest day was, typically the answer is not the day he put the first down payment on his house. It is usually the day he became a father. When asking a teenager what her happiest day was, typically the answer is not the day she received her own car. It is most probably the day her team won a state championship. When I asked my 8 year old sister what her happiest day was, I was expecting an answer of “My birthday because I got a lot of presents!” Instead, she surprised me by retorting with the day my family all planted apple trees in our yard.  It’s true for young and old alike, your happiest moments do not depend on what you do, or how much you bought, but who they are shared with.” -Bridgit Kodenkandath

This paper made me so happy. Unbelievably happy. So much of the time we don’t realize who we spend our best moments with, and how we grow with them. We need to thank God for the people he’s put in our lives. Each person who leaves a footprint in our hearts, is leaving a footprint from God. Thank you God. 🙂