You know, once again I was supposed to post this awhile ago, but this event in my life was a big one so I’m still writing about it lol.

So, I actually think it happened a month ago…but I was bored and I came acrossed Nine Lives of Chloe King. I watched all 10 episodes in 2 days, and I WAS PUMPED, like crazy excited for the next episode…only to find out that they aren’t making another season!

As silly as it sounds…I was devastated…like majorly. I wanted to cry…I even texted my best friends to talk to them about this horrible moment and how stupid studios are for not realizing what a good show is. After about 3 days of being caught up with this, my friend told me something important: “Don’t get caught up with something fictional, you have your own life!” I came to a conclusion; God was trying to teach me.

I spend hours watching a show and crying over characters that didn’t exist…when I have my own life God gave me! I needed to realize how reality was already on my plate, and how stories in my life are stories that I’m painting! If I spend the rest of life focusing on some other fantasy, my life would be like the movie Inception…how creepy right? And that’s what I learned. I learned never to get too attached to a TV series. Be happy with what God has given you and watch your own life. If we can enjoy man made tv series… What makes it so hard to enjoy a series God himself creates?



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