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“What happens to a little girl when she doesn’t listen to her parents on a Sunday night? She ends up inthe ER at 9:30 gasping for air. Obviously you can tell that, that little girl was me. I mean I keep telling my parents, “Mom I’m 16, stop treating me like I’m 5.” But last night pretty much proved that sometimesI really am only a 5 year old girl needing to be spoon fed decisions. Anyways, let’s back track to the beginning of this month, October.

October is the month where I got grounded. Ha, Me? Getting grounded? That’s unheard of from my parents. But sadly it’s true. I was grounded because I lied to my parents. Now some may say it was just “bad timing”, but the truth is I really did lie and I deserved what was being given to me. You probably want to know of this “horrible lie” I had said, so I’ll tell you the brief version. It’s pretty ironic.

We, meaning Salome, Anita, and Me, where driving back home from a youth bible study from one of the houses. It’s about a 30 minute drive and my parents decided to go down to that house just as I was leaving to do the favorable thing and “house visit”. House visit goes something like this “Ohh what a nice house” blah blah blah blah… but usually it’s in Malayalam. Anyways, I was supposed to stay there for my parents but I had homework that needed to be done so I left with Anita and Salome. So, being girls we talked, and talked, AND TALK. Next thing I realize we’ve been talking for almost an hour in front of Salome’s drive way. Like OH M GEE. Then my phone starts ringing, it’s my mom. I pick up the phone with
a worried look on my face, “Hello..?” My mom replied, “Are you at home doing your homework?” at that moment I thought to myself, what to say what to say? Then I heard the voices of the people living in the house and I knew she hadn’t left. I quickly replied “Yes and said where are you?” She said she was on her way home. That meant I had about 30 more minutes to kill talking to my friends. So pretty much the stories ends as, I finally look at the clock and it’s been more than 30 minutes, I kick Salome out of the car and we dash to my house. Unfortunately I get a call from my mom; she had gotten home before me. Just my luck. Now I’m late, I’m going to get lectured, and I haven’t done my homework.

WOW what a great day. Oh and on top of that I’m grounded and I can’t go to my best friend’s birthday party the coming weekend. I’m upset crying and struggling through my homework with my supportive friends saying, “Dude, you’ll be able to go to his party, I’m pretty sure your parents will let you.” At that moment I knew I’d screwed up and I wasn’t going to be going to his party, but they had a feeling I would.

The week goes by and my mom is hammering me with the guilt treatment on me missing my friend’s birthday because I’d lied to them. Finally Thursday night comes and it his actual birthday. My best friends, Salome, Bridgit, Varun, and Bashar tagged along, and we snuck into his house and waited for him to come home. And of course, I’m still suppose to be grounded, but my parents let me go like my friends said but they made me pick between his actual birthday or his party the next day, which was downtown. So the clever girl that I am, I compromise and said, “How about I go to his dinner downtown, and I promise I’ll be home at 10:30 tonight.” The deal was set and my weekend was turning out to be pretty good.

Friday is here and I’m so excited I literally couldn’t pay attention at piano, also I hadn’t practiced and I knew she’d get mad at me. But then we found a lost dog half way through my class so lucky me, I didn’t get to the music I hadn’t practice. My day was looking great, I get home and get ready. I’m wearing my favorite jeans with a sweatshirt that still had the tag on. I quickly get ready and my dad and I set on our journey through the 6 O’clock work traffic downtown. We were having the awkward silence since I hadn’t really talked to my dad since I got grounded and the music wasn’t playing. So I’m texting and staring out the window with a usual giggle or two. Finally we get downtown and I’m at the restaurant and they aren’t there. I frantically call them asking where they were and all they said was, “Oh we changed restaurants”. Being downtown it isn’t like our high maintenance Highlands Ranch where you
can find anything. This is downtown, one way streets, people walking around, and no parking spots. It is literally a mess. My dad at this point is PO. He talked to the birthday boy and told him he was taking me home. Now I’m upset and my night is terrible. I get home and I’m just crying and blowing my nose till I run out of tissues and try to pull myself together. Crappy night you could say. It was just a big miscommunication.

Now my friends, being the girl that I am, I don’t hold grudges. I just needed a day to get over what had happened to me and then Sunday I could freely talk to them as nothing had happened. It has its ups and downs to not holding a grudge. But always, I’m getting really off topic, so my point is. Even when my parents told me I had been grounded I still was able to take part in the activities I wanted to do. That made me aware that I could kind of get away with a lot of things. Which really meant, I guess I hadn’t learned my lesson? Until last night, I definitely learned my lesson.

Sunday, October 23, there is Sunday school in the morning and church right after. We hadn’t stayed for church in a long time because we’ve always had something that would interfere with time we were at church. So we left church early again, and I didn’t really bother to ask why I was leaving early I figured they thought I had homework to do or something. Oh, and I was on fall break for 1 week and I hadn’t even touched my homework!!! I knew I procrastinate, but this was ridiculous. Anyways, we are driving home and my mom asked me something about having dance at 2, and I was like, “Oh I don’t have dance today.” At that moment I knew I’d done something wrong. The look on their face turned to the same look I’d gotten the day I’d been grounded. My mom yells at me, “WHY ARE WE LEAVING CHURCH IF YOU
DON’T HAVE DANCE!” with a panic I reply, “Its dance fall break, I thought you knew.” Well obviously they didn’t, and they were mad at me, AGAIN. They told me I wasn’t allowed to go to my friend’s house for dinner that night, but I knew I’d be able to go anyways. And I was right I was able to go and I had a great time, until I threw up. I guess something I ate made my stomach not like it. I felt sick and I got home and I have bumps all over my stomach. I call my mom to tell her, there was nuts because I was having trouble breathing and I have hives all over my body. So my mom calls Mini Aunty and she tells me to take a cold bath, I get in the shower and I’m crying and itching. You’re probably wondering, “Why
are you crying?” hahaha Mini Aunty asked me the same thing. It was because I just cry when I’m stressed and let me tell you, I was freaking out. I get out of the shower and my body is RED, not the beautiful brown it usually is, but RED. I call my mom and I tell her, I can’t breathe. She tells me to put clothes on and let’s go to the ER. My dad gets back from the grocery store and he knew that I deserved everything that was happening to me. The only parent pitying me was my mom. I was sitting in the car; crying and I knew that this was “God’s plan”. Hahah I had disobeyed my parents and I still had the low
feeling of knowing I’d be able to go to the dinner. It finally hit me in the car as I was driving to the hospital with bumps all over my body, a fat lip, and being short of breathe. It’s really true; you have to be at the lowest, worst place ever to feel God working in you. I felt him working and teaching me a lesson, I knew I had made a mistake on going to that dinner even when my parents didn’t want me to go. I knew that every time I’d said sorry it really only matter for that moment until something else came along. I knew that the only way for me to actually start listening to my parents was to accept that I’m not going to get everything I want and I have to start acting like I’m 16 and understanding what is being put in front of me is for a reason.

So the moral of the story is, actually there isn’t really a moral of the story. It’s just funny because looking back at it, it makes me laugh. And YES I did learn my lesson. And I’m okay now, I skipped school because all that Benadryl really got to me and I’m writing this.”

This wasn’t written by me, it was written by one of my best friends. When I read this I completely freaked out and called my friend right away. Why? Because it truly was a miracle to see how my friend grew in Jesus was a blessing. It also made me realize that God can speak to people in so many different ways.

There was one more essay I had posted a few posts back. It was about realizing the value of who you’ve been blessed with. After reading all these posts, I realized that God is impacting me through other people, through my best friends. This was God’s way of teaching me. Crazy right? 🙂


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