Crown of Creation


For church I had to do a write up about a lesson in our Sunday School Book. It was called “Crown of Creation.” This kind of summarized pretty much everything I blog about, but I just thought I’d post it. 🙂

Don’t you hate seeing people litter? Or people unnecessarily wasting food… or paper? Yeah yeah…I know that’s something we all occasionally do, but seriously…doesn’t that make you mad?

So much of the time we fail to realize how blessed we are, and take everything for granted. How God created us, where God placed us, and the future God planned for us is what we continuously take for granted. According to the Sunday School Book we are also the CROWN OF CREATION, which is a HUGE responsibility we never recognize.  

God created us in a very unique way. We all know the story of how he made us in his own image, but have you ever realized that no other creature in this earth can analyze, imagine, and do things just like us? The Sunday School book says that we are created only slightly lower than heavenly beings. That’s crazy. You know what else that means? That we have greater responsibility. We are supposed to keep the earth clean and keep the animals safe. Also, resources guys, resources! We are supposed to be examples for the earth, not some lazy humans wasting energy…otherwise God would’ve made us some useless animal or something.

Being examples also refers to the way we treat people. God created all men (and women) equal, and if God treats everyone equally, we’re supposed to too. The media in our time is SO corrupting, and encourages racism and sexism. Clearly, that’s not the example we should follow. The only example we should follow is God.

“And so we know and rely on the love God has for us. God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God and God in him.” -1 John 4:16

God is love, and that’s the example we need to experience, follow, and set. That’s when we learn how to NOT take things for granted and HOW to take care of our community – with love. It is all from God and his plan…he did appoint us crown of creation.. 🙂


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