Wow Factor


Today I was looking through a girl’s photography on Facebook – it was AMAZING. It was so amazing…that it inspired me.

Now, photography has inspired me multiple times. In fact, there have been phases where my camera and photography is my life…and it still usually is with me most the time anyway. But, what happens is that someone inspires me, sparks something, and eventually the spark dies away.

“May 29, 2011
So today’s daily bread was about “keeping the wonder” and I was thinking, it’s happening to me. That “omg” factor is starting to disappear. I feel like the reason, or one of the many, is because I get so easily distracted by wordly things. I pray God brings me back.”

This was in one of my journals. I know that the fading spark definitely happened to me with my relationship with God. If you look through my old blogs, you’d be able to see where that fell. But, that’s what we don’t want to happen.

The only way to keep the fire burning is if you keep feeding it. If you get inspired, turn the inspiration to your reality…and keep it burning. Keep your relationship with God burning.

Don’t let the WOW factor disappear.

“The Lord is my strength and my song; he has become my salvation.” -Psalm 118:14


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