Monthly Archives: January 2012

Religion vs. Jesus


First blog of the year! I can’t believe I’ve been blogging for a year. Time seriously goes by so fast… I still can’t believe that in a few years I’ll be heading to college. I’m excited for the future, and yet extremely nervous at the same time.

So I recently watched this video:

It was going around all over Facebook, and I practically fell in love. It’s SO true. Awhile ago I remember writing about someone who converted to Buddhism because Christianity was too hypocritical. That was the first thing I thought about. Jesus isn’t what our religion portrays most of the time, and we need to share Jesus. Our religion needs to revolve around Jesus, not rules.

“Religion says do,
Jesus says done.
Religion says slave,
Jesus says son.
Religion puts you in bondage,
While Jesus sets you free
Religion makes you blind,
While Jesus makes you see.” (-the video above)

So true, so true.

The guy who made that video also made a lot of other amazing videos. I’d recommend watching them.