Giving the Details


So last time I talked about how little things can make your day, but have you ever realize that the little things you do for other people actually make a difference? Today was my friend’s birthday, and just seeing the expressions on her face when she noticed how much effort was taken into creating chocolate covered strawberries, the surprise bringing home the great wall of chocolate cake for dessert, or remembering a simple apple cutter she’d randomly discussed months ago, it was just a way of showing her people cared.

Little details are what make other people realize you care. My friend didn’t need, let alone expect, her birthday to be celebrated like this. However, when someone remembered the little things that might’ve happened days, weeks, or months ago, it means something!

As cheesy as this sounds, one thing’s for sure: God remembers every detail of your life. He knows more about your tomorrows than you do about your yesterdays. And it’s a good feeling, knowing something cares that much about you, and it’s worth giving back! SO, I guess to summarize, always give the details 🙂 

“Sometimes, the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.” -Winnie the Pooh


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