Stream of Consciousness


So last semester English: We read a book called Mrs. Dalloway. Or, attempted…if you know what I mean 😉

Anyways, this book is significantly different than others because it’s a novel written in the stream of consciousness. This means her every which-what-way thought is written in the novel. Now imagine how crazy that is. Imagine it.

So I was tracking my own stream of consciousness at Hannah’s volleyball game. Not that anyone of my few readers (none) actually care, but I’ll share anyway because I thought it was interesting.

Volleyball game < listening to other people’s negative thoughts < my last tweet: positive thoughts lead to good things < how my stream of consciousness is random < I should blog about this.

This stemmed from watching a volleyball game. Now, it was more detailed when I was actually in this thought process, this is just what I remember. I just think it’s cool how crazy our minds process. Like, I get lost in my own thought process. And now to think God understands this thought process, AND everybody else’s crazy thought process is really neat. I just think sometimes we fail to remember how cool that is. 🙂


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