Presence and Hope


“In the realm of the spirit, past and future converge, time collapses, tomorrow’s successes and celebrations have already left their mark on our souls. When all we can see are our past scars, we walk around in the present feeling hesitant, frightened, damaged, and deficient. But if we could only see the healing blessings of our future. If we could only sense all the good that awaits us, we might be more willing to take risks. We might be more open to exploring new opportunities. We might have more faith and confidence. We might have more hope” (54, Levy).

I know I have heard so many people talking about “the latest book they just read.” Especially my dad, for example. He literally reads a book every night. My question is always… how the heck do you have time for that? 

Three weeks ago, I was at the library and I checked out a random book out called “Hope Will Find You”. The book was due last Thursday…and tonight I finally made time to begin reading it. The author is a rabbi in a synagogue, and is going through a rough journey with her daughter who is suffering a life threatening disease. I read 80 pages in a heartbeat because it was so inspiring.

My favorite passage is what I began this post with. I remember awhile ago I blogged about hope. How hope is what gives you something to look forward to. How hope is what gives you the courage to know you’re prepared. How hope is what gives you God.

This may sound weird, but this last week I really felt God’s presence. I can’t even explain what triggered it. I was talking to an Atheist, and he asked me how I could even believe without solid evidence. I thought about it, and it’s something you just know. You feel it. When you like someone, you know it. When you’re truly happy, you know it. When you believe something, you just know it. In a way, God’s presence gives you hope. Actually, not in a way. It really does. It really does. Understanding (even though in reality, we can’t even begin to fathom his presence) his presence, and power, and greatness, gives you hope. It makes you want to … I don’t know. I can’t really explain how I feel. 

It’s 2:43…and I’m seriously not tired. Maybe I should finish the book? 


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