Handling Decisions


So I’ve finally finished reading the book, and it was so inspiring. I think the biggest thing that hit me was my problem of not making decisions.

“Stop wavering, stop procrastinating, stop waiting for miracles. The greatest miracle is lying dormant inside you right now. Make a decision. Sweat over it. Toil over it. Weigh all your options. Get sage advice. Make lists. Trust your gut, trust your instincts. Search your soul. Pray to God. But don’t pray like a helpless slave waiting to be told what to do. Pray like a free person searching for strength and wisdom and insight. Choose a path. Stay with your path. Be ready to face obstacles blocking your way. Even if you take a wrong turn, at least it will be your turn. Your life, your mistake. You will have learned which road not to take in the future. And besides, you will be moving. Your spiritual coma will be lifting. Your legs won’t be asleep anymore”(137, Levy).

For those of you who know me, I always have this attitude of “time will tell”, let’s do nothing about it because time will do it!…and I’m just too scared to make a decision. I’ve come to realize, time doesn’t wait. The longer you procrastinate, the harder your battle is to overcome. Making your decision months later rather than now has a potential to harm you more. 

This passage really helped me understand that we were blessed with the freedom of ..freedom. We are blessed with the opportunity to make a choice. It is this choice that forms our future. Whether it was right or wrong, it’s how we learn our mistakes! And now I’m just pretty much restating what the passage said. Lol

The author also talks about the Biblical story of the Israelites, and how when God made every choice for them they became angry, and wanted to rebel. (And all these other side effects) And that is why God doesn’t always make the choices for us. So when we’re given the freedom make choices, make them. Now don’t mistaken me for “make spontaneous actions”, I’m saying don’t procrastinate your choices. I’m guilty of this I know. I know I know.

And when it comes to the fear of decision, just believe that God is with you. No matter what you pick, God is with you. 

Hahaha, I might actually start reading more.


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