You’ve Done Better


“You’ve done better before.”
That is literally all I heard today. Spanish oral, tennis, what’s wrong with me? I don’t want to be some steadily declining alien… I’m supposed to get better!

If anything, I blame the stupid picture of a cosmetic lip for my Spanish picture (I MEAN WHY ME. I GOT THE WORST PICTURES) and the cold weather for cold hands during tennis. But WAIT as much as I blame these inanimate objects as my reason for failure, it’s truly my fault. It’s my fault.

I blame myself, and I truly am the person to receive this blame. And as angry and upset with the world, I realize it’s all my fault. Do something with your life Salome.

On the bright side, I talked to my English teacher about help with my essay, and I felt confident when I took my in class essay… For the FIRST time. Why? Because I was more prepared. I mean, I don’t know. Talking to the teacher helped me so much. And it’s that same help I need to give myself when I do other things, whether it’s from myself or other teachers, coaches, etc.

And that’s where I’m going to conclude. You suck by the way. You meaning, Salome.


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