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To Achieve Selflessness


Hello my WordPress friends!

So for those of you who know me well, you know I’m very competitive. Like with anything, with the following exceptions: dancing (HA) , english kinda (sh), and maybe even tennis (when I feel like they are truly way too good to beat anyone). It’s tough because when you are so competitive, it’s hard to keep others motivated because a competitive person is generally a selfish person at the same time.

I ran into this verse last week: “Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing” -1 Thessalonians 5:11

Last week, I ALSO found out that JOE ended his final semester in high with a FREAKING 4.0 – straight A’s you fools! And although I am the competitive person that I am, I was honestly so excited for him. And I don’t want to make it sound like I’m making this about me, so the parenthesised item is for you, Joe. (Because I’m sure you’re reading this, shout out to Joe! My non existent readers will now know about your straight A’s too 😉 )

Motivation is a mutual thing. If you’re not genuine, you will continue to be a selfish, competitive person. On the contrary, if you’re willing to share your genuine encouragement, not only will you motivate the other person, you will motivate yourself as well and become selfless.

A famous person always said, “Try to achieve perfection in areas you can control”
Hahahahahah I’m dying. If you can guess who said that, I will take you out to a breadstick.
But really, your selflessness is something you can grow to control.

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So I’ve always dreamed of marrying my best friend. WHOO so does every other girl. Haha, but I want to explain my thought process because it really stood out to me today.  

We all know those boys who jump from girl to girl. We can call them the “hoppers” or the rabbits, the term Bridgit coined hahaha. They jump from relationship to relationship, because they get bored so quickly. Cool story, I get it…you aren’t ready to settle. That’s fine! My theory is though, that people get bored because these relationships haven’t established growing friendships. 

Think of your best friend. That person you are always with, the one you do everything with, and grow and learn from. Oh and that person you don’t get sick of. This thought makes me laugh, because Sabrina is one person I am ALWAYS with – no joke. People at school know that if you know where one is, you can find the other. But that’s not what made me laugh hahah. What made me laugh was after chemistry last week, (one of the few classes we don’t have together), I saw her and it instantly cheered me up…and then Paul (for those of you who know him) made a face like…you saw her an hour ago? Hahahha of course he was laughing, but it’s so true, we all know those people who make you happy just by seeing them. When you think of a friendship, it’s nothing that changes drastically. It’s a gradual change. You grow into a stronger friendship or gradually distance into a weaker friendship. But either way, it’s a growing friendship. 

 When you are in a relationship, if it’s a growing friendship, you’re constantly learning new things about each other, and you literally CAN’T get bored. And of course the care and concern for your fellow mate increases, obvi 😉 

So yeah, that’s my quick theory. THAT is why I want to marry my best friend. And on top of that, if you marry your best friend you can fall asleep talking to him every night 🙂 in person. WHOO



Hello my imaginary WordPress friends,

I would just like to take some time to reflect. Tomorrow is Easter for our Orthodox friends :), and it’s just an amazing reminder that we are so blessed and so forgiven. It gives me goosebumps every time I think about it. 

These last few weeks have been blessings upon blessings. I believe a few posts ago (?) I talked about thanking God for the progress I did make, rather than the progress I wanted to make. Let me share what God has done. 

And actually before I start please don’t think I’m bragging or something, that’s not my intention. 

First, I actually got a 30 on my ACT! Which, I was excited about. It’s not my goal, but it was LOTTTTA progress :). 
Second, my partner and I played one doubles Varsity (which is WAY above our normal position) in a tournament, and we placed third. 🙂 
Third, I took my mock calc test, and I did MUCH better than I thought I did. 

These are only a FEW of the blessings. But like, I remember saying to myself every time one of these events happened that it wasn’t me…it was all God. And you’d be surprised, but it’s a good feeling. The minute I think it’s my own accomplishment, the value of that blessing is gone. And when you know it’s God…it’s extremely motivating, because you understand God’s power. (Even though in reality, we can’t even fathom it). 

And right now, that motivation is what is keeping me going these last few weeks of school. So, just a new perspective I thought I’d share 🙂