THE Book


OKAY guys, I literally have the craziest story to share. I mean it happened a few months ago but I’ve been meaning to blog it because, ish like this don’t happen just like that!

So, for my imaginary readers who read my blog…ya’ll know I read that book by Levy. It was called “Hope Will Find You”, and I definitely recommend reading it because it was extremely inspiring. Anyways, after I read this book I went to the library to go pick out another book just as inspiring. I looked through the “inspiring novels”, as what I call them, and I ran into one particular book that I actually looked through. (I’m not mentioning the title yet because it’s kinda embarrassing) By “looked through” I mean pulled out the book, read the back cover, and put it back. But…it was the only book I actually pulled out. I left the library without any books.

Later that evening, I found a long lost blog I used to read allllll the time. She changed her blog name so I had unexpectedly ran into it. THEN, the weirdest most craziest thing happened…the first post I read about… IS THE BOOK I PULLED OUT AT THE LIBRARY. I swear…things like that never happen unless… I don’t know, there was a reason. So the next day, I went to the library and got it. 

Now, keep in mind I have yet to read it. I’ve read to page 12 and haven’t had the chance to read anymore. Hahaha BUT, if it’s good I will definitely be sharing more. And yes, I think it was a sign. Make fun of me all you want…it’s a sign. 



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