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It’s amazing how one statement can completely change your perspective of something. 

I have a terrible terrible boss at this place I volunteer. My boss has been telling me since May that he will switch me to a new position. He would move other volunteers and… It’s almost August and…no change. Now if you know me…I went crazy. I kept saying this boss needed to find a new job. Hahaha

THEN, a two weeks ago I saw another volunteer. Somehow this topic of not being moved came up. Her response was “Sometimes I feel bad for him though, he’s so busy”. It’s one statement…but it means so much. Yeah, I guess my boss is extremely busy. I mean, personally I still don’t think it’s fair that he still moves other volunteers…but it gives me a few more reasons to understand his perspective. He truly does run more than the volunteer duties…he’s in charge of fully keeping all of the patients and guests happy. And it definitely calmed me down whoo!

SO, my advice to you today is: Try to understand someone else’s perspective. 




It’s time to bring God back into the picture.

These mountains, this land. The computer you’re reading this off of, your family. Those best friends, your talents. The food on your table, the socks on your toes. The sun in the sky, the snow in the winter. The overpopulation of rabbits, the Starbucks you’re able to grab every morning. It’s all because of Him. We are on this planet only because of His creation, His plans, and His purpose.

Every day we fail to recognize that each day is a gift. And it’s because of Him that we even are given another day to live. We fail to realize that each day is another part of His plan. Each day is another day for us to fulfill His purpose. Each day is a chance for us to glorify Him.

“We are therefore Christ’s ambassadors, as though God were making his appeal through us. We implore you on Christ’s behalf: Be reconciled to God. God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.” -2 Corinthians 5:20-21 (NIV)

Think about that.

July The Fourth Be With You


Happy Fourth of July my Friends!

So, after reading more blogs I get so excited. I think the easiest way to motivate and open yourself up is to write down a list of things that make you happy or things that you are looking forward to. I’ll start!

*Being productive – I hate wasting my days. I always need to do something! Whether it’s finishing up some homework, touring Highlands Ranch, or even visiting/spending time with old friends. 🙂

*Buying an entire cute outfit – Today! Tina! and I! Bought a matching Fourth of July outfit to wear to our friend’s house tonight. Cheesy…but exciting.

*Nice weather – not too hot not too cold…more sun than wind though. In this weather you can do anything!

*Sleep – not too much…but just enough to not have people tell me I look tired…which literally happens on a daily basis

*Events to look forward to – Whether it’s a graduation party or hanging out with an old friend

*Foods make my mom makes – Goat, Smoothies, Doshas, Her Indian Food (Heart Eye Emoji), Really anything she makes


*Red Mango when I have my VISTA CARD YAYA

*Finding new music/ a new favorite song that is put on repeat for the next week

*Being Spiritually Revived



*Dressing up for a reason – literally I will not dress up for the sake of dressing up. That is useless.

*Doing cheesy things – like watching the sunset…stargazing…car dinner dates…if you know where I’m getting at 😉

*Not watching movies – unless they’re good…but usually I fall asleep

*Becoming a better person – I just read a blog that said… listening more, like to every detail your friend says or to the details around you can make you a better person. One simple tip a day.


*Omg little kids – like babies that you want to squish. No not pedoey…shush I know what you’re thinking.

*Going to the gym – haven’t done this in awhile…

*CANDY CRUSH – currently on level 65

*Running into people you don’t expect – HAHAHA this happened yesterday

*Helping people – honestly sometimes I hate volunteering at the hospital because I feel like my job is so pointless (stocking closets)…but when I realize how much of a difference it makes, the experience has more value to it. The other day I brought a grandpa an extra blanket…and he said “Bless your heart” and literally…that melts my heart :’). Thank you appachan.

*Roadtripping – except you need to be in a good mood. And with exciting people. Otherwise I fall asleep…

*Being happy – it’s always the attitude that you place on your day. If you’re happy…you will have a happy day.

*Parents, Hannah, Goatey, Tina, Bridgit, and Sabrina – couldn’t even imagine my life without these fools. And i enjoy every second with them heh

I could probs go on and on and on and on but now I have stuff to look forward to and I am excited! Now i should shower so I can prep for this awesome fourth of July partayy partay tonight 🙂

But for reals does… if ya’ll do this. It’ll motivate you. GOGOGO and share your list if you want 🙂

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Gloryyyy to God


Hello wordpress friends!

I always have stuff to blog about…and then it’s not even relevant anymore. Like, I was going to blog about how amazing VBS this year was, but now the VBS high is over 😦 not the music of course, but like the atmosphere of energetic kids :-). 

Anyways, right now…since I can’t sleep and too much is on my mind, i have good good goooooood news to share 🙂 Lately, Hannah and I have been really close. And many of you know…3 years ago that wasn’t even a possibility. hahahahha 

She’s matured so much. And her morals are better than mine. In many ways she influences me to be a better person. And we have fun. It is seriously through the grace of God she has grown into the person she is today. And it makes me soo happy. Literally, anything can happen through God.