July The Fourth Be With You


Happy Fourth of July my Friends!

So, after reading more blogs I get so excited. I think the easiest way to motivate and open yourself up is to write down a list of things that make you happy or things that you are looking forward to. I’ll start!

*Being productive – I hate wasting my days. I always need to do something! Whether it’s finishing up some homework, touring Highlands Ranch, or even visiting/spending time with old friends. πŸ™‚

*Buying an entire cute outfit – Today! Tina! and I! Bought a matching Fourth of July outfit to wear to our friend’s house tonight. Cheesy…but exciting.

*Nice weather – not too hot not too cold…more sun than wind though. In this weather you can do anything!

*Sleep – not too much…but just enough to not have people tell me I look tired…which literally happens on a daily basis

*Events to look forward to – Whether it’s a graduation party or hanging out with an old friend

*Foods make my mom makes – Goat, Smoothies, Doshas, Her Indian Food (Heart Eye Emoji), Really anything she makes


*Red Mango when I have my VISTA CARD YAYA

*Finding new music/ a new favorite song that is put on repeat for the next week

*Being Spiritually Revived



*Dressing up for a reason – literally I will not dress up for the sake of dressing up. That is useless.

*Doing cheesy things – like watching the sunset…stargazing…car dinner dates…if you know where I’m getting at πŸ˜‰

*Not watching movies – unless they’re good…but usually I fall asleep

*Becoming a better person – I just read a blog that said… listening more, like to every detail your friend says or to the details around you can make you a better person. One simple tip a day.


*Omg little kids – like babies that you want to squish. No not pedoey…shush I know what you’re thinking.

*Going to the gym – haven’t done this in awhile…

*CANDY CRUSH – currently on level 65

*Running into people you don’t expect – HAHAHA this happened yesterday

*Helping people – honestly sometimes I hate volunteering at the hospital because I feel like my job is so pointless (stocking closets)…but when I realize how much of a difference it makes, the experience has more value to it. The other day I brought a grandpa an extra blanket…and he said “Bless your heart” and literally…that melts my heart :’). Thank you appachan.

*Roadtripping – except you need to be in a good mood. And with exciting people. Otherwise I fall asleep…

*Being happy – it’s always the attitude that you place on your day. If you’re happy…you will have a happy day.

*Parents, Hannah, Goatey, Tina, Bridgit, and Sabrina – couldn’t even imagine my life without these fools. And i enjoy every second with them heh

I could probs go on and on and on and on but now I have stuff to look forward to and I am excited! Now i should shower so I can prep for this awesome fourth of July partayy partay tonight πŸ™‚

But for reals does… if ya’ll do this. It’ll motivate you. GOGOGO and share your list if you want πŸ™‚

#JuneTheFourthBeWithYou #SharetheWord
Twitter: @salzburgj


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