It’s amazing how one statement can completely change your perspective of something. 

I have a terrible terrible boss at this place I volunteer. My boss has been telling me since May that he will switch me to a new position. He would move other volunteers and… It’s almost August and…no change. Now if you know me…I went crazy. I kept saying this boss needed to find a new job. Hahaha

THEN, a two weeks ago I saw another volunteer. Somehow this topic of not being moved came up. Her response was “Sometimes I feel bad for him though, he’s so busy”. It’s one statement…but it means so much. Yeah, I guess my boss is extremely busy. I mean, personally I still don’t think it’s fair that he still moves other volunteers…but it gives me a few more reasons to understand his perspective. He truly does run more than the volunteer duties…he’s in charge of fully keeping all of the patients and guests happy. And it definitely calmed me down whoo!

SO, my advice to you today is: Try to understand someone else’s perspective. 


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