When to Draw the Line


It’s a typical day in the Philip Household. Dad’s down in the basement working from home. Mom’s taking a nap. Hannah’s…doing nothing. Everything is normal except for me because…I actually have time to kill? Actually I’m taking a break from my busy workload 😉

Anyways, I was thinking about when to “draw the line”. This seriously can apply to anything. In fact, the other day this adult was asking me what he should change the internet firewall settings for his kids who are 12 and 14 to. Uhhhhh… besides the fact that I don’t have kids of my own, it was interesting question. Should he
a) let there be no firewall and have emails of every website visited be sent to him
b) give them complete freedom and not have emails of every website sent.

Now, as any normal teenager, B! Parents need to stop interfering. But from a parent’s perspective… it’s different. When do you give that child freedom? When can you know that they are old/mature to know what they’re doing? What’s the happy medium? When do you draw the line?

Today, literally out. of. NOWHERE. an old friend texted me with this LONG sorry message about wanting to be a better friend, and wanting a fresh start. Now, naturally I forgive. I’m usually up for second/third/fourth/yougetthepoint chances. If I didn’t give you one…You probably screwed up real bad 😉 Hahaha joking. BUT, my friend, who was more hurt by him struggled to give him another chance because he always says he will change and never does. She’s right…this has happened several times. When to draw the line?

Now, I know biblically Jesus always says “I tell you, not seven times, but seventy-seven times.” (Matthew 18:22, NIV). So is there no line to draw? What if people are continuously using you? Do you give in, or put your foot down? Is there a happy medium?

So, that’s what I’m pondering now. When do you draw the line?


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