Scrub Life


I just wanted to share a quick highlight of my day, I thought it was pretty funny. 

So being the second to last day of summer, a Saturday, AND I had work in the morning, I’m obviously hard core scrubbing. Scrubbing, for those who aren’t familiar with the term, means looking like you just woke up, “disgusting”, or in my case, just a huge bun on the top of my head. 

After work, I go to our favorite Jason’s 16th birthday celebration at his house. Jason is a member of our youth group. Thankfully, I have known people at my church since I was literally born. Sooo, “scrubbing” was not a problem. I’m just hanging out like we normally do, and I remember that Jason just got a new dog! His name was Dozer, and from pictures he was tiny. Jason’s family placed the dog in a cage in the laundry room so he wouldn’t get in the way of the little kids. Me… being the oh so adventurous Salome that I am… I go to say hi to the dog. 

LITERALLY, AS I say hello with my stupid chirpy face, the dog barks and I run out screaming. From first glance that dog looked harmless and small, but that dog was terrifying. I bet it’s because his breed is called a “Chiweeni”. Like… I would be offended too. 

BUT, it gets even better. Jason’s ammachi (Grandma in malayalam) pulls me aside to sit next to her. She says, “Salome, I think the dog barked because of that big bun on your head. He was probably confused if you were a man, or a girl, or some other ‘creature’.” Yes, she did say the word creature. 

I was laughing of course, it was probably true ;). That ammachi is one of my most favorite people. But yeah, moral of the story: Try your best not to scrub, you may scare away people, and dogs. 


*This post was not meant to offend anyone


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