Being Pushed


Hello! So I’ve been working at Kumon (an academic enrichment program for kids) for more than a year now and i love it, because you get to know each kid, especially the younger ones, personally. There is a kid named Ryan. He’s about 5, and he purposely likes to not follow rules as joke – as do most kids. He’ll wear his hood when I ask him to take it off. I’ll tell him to focus…and literally 5 minutes later when I’m zoning out he’ll tell ME to focus. It’s funny to say we have a great time together.

Today Ryan had to take a test with me. I kept telling him to put his hood down…but he never did. After his test though… poor Ryan got in trouble for keeping his hood up. After that Ryan was super bummed out. He wouldn’t even look me in the eye! He kept looking down and part of me wanted to laugh because he reminded me of myself, and part of me wanted to do something to make him happy. It was so sad :(. Later while Ryan was waiting for his dad, I went over to talk to him. Now I thought he was bummed out because he got in trouble, so I decided to change the topic and asked him about his test which I thought he did well on.

I was like, “Ryan, how’d you do your test?!”
And his response was, “I failed it.”
“Everyone fails tests it’s okay.”
“No, this is my fourth time failing it…and now my dad’s going to yell at me.”
I giggled a little. Indian parents 🙂
“Ryan, your dad yells because he loves you”
“No he doesn’t.”
“Then why does he yell?”
“I don’t know ask him”

It was funny and sad at the same time. It’s funny because all parents (Indian especially) do this. In fact I still get lectured for getting a 30 on the ACT (No one dare bring the word ACT in my household). It’s sad because at Ryan’s age he can’t understand why his dad kept getting upset. I look back as a child and I would react the same. And 17 years later I only kind of understand. I understand the frustration of how parents spend their career working hard for their children, and want them to succeed to their full potential. And when children give up…or don’t reach their full potential…it’s upsetting.

I related this to God in a similar way. There’s a quote on my piano teacher’s wall that says: “Who you are is your gift from God, what you make of yourself is your gift to God.” So true. We may receive consequences for not listening to God, God may get angry (Or in other words may make us angry. I’m not really sure about the “God may get angry” statement because he is patient…soo someone shed some light) , but in the end everything God does for us is because he loves us. We go through tough times because God knows we can do it. God knows what we are capable of, and won’t take us past our limits, but wants to do everything he can to let us reach our FULL purpose in this lifetime.

I know I ran off on a tangent. But, I’m blessed to have my parents and God push me the way I do. I’m sure in the future, Ryan will feel the same 🙂

God bless.


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