Benefit of the Doubt


So IB requires us to write a 4000 word essay (which for a high school student is a lot ok) called the “extended essay”. My extended essay is due Tuesday…#KillMeNow.  I didn’t go to church because I’m working on it. To be honest, I feel guilty because I always get mad when others use school as an excuse to not go to church…and here I am doing the same. I should’ve started the Extended Essay much earlier.

This leads right down to what I wanted to talk about though: The benefit of the doubt. Last week, I was put in a group project with my friends…and this girl named Megan. Now a lot of people make fun of Megan simply because she’s weird and she always unexpectedly cries in the middle of class. Of course last time, I was the one who had to console her. My teacher was like… wait why was she crying this time? Haha she just confuses everyone.

While I was “consoling her”, she was telling me about how her life is hard. Her parents wanted to make sure she got at least straight Cs and her parents were making her focus on academics instead of her social life. First thing that I thought: Straight C’s? Spend a few hours to focus on academics? Wow, my parents would kill me. You have it easy…stop crying. I couldn’t take it seriously.

I was telling Joe about it the next day…and he wasn’t amused. He was actually kinda angry. He said, just because something’s easy for you doesn’t mean it’s easy for everyone. You don’t know if Megan might have trouble keeping her grades to at least C’s…that doesn’t give you the right to make her problems less superior than yours. Uhhhhhhhh. Slap in the face hahaha.

It’s true though. I don’t know if I would actually call this the “Benefit of the Doubt”, but I applied it. Because I can’t be one to judge Megan’s problems. Especially if I don’t know all of it. To my surprise, I found the benefit of the doubt applicable in multiple situations that week. For example, Austin and I were fighting all week over something silly…and neither of us would let down our ego to say sorry. I should’ve given him the benefit of the doubt…he could’ve been having a rough week. I did eventually give it to him after I learned this lesson, and turns out he did have a bad week. And I’m not saying that’s an excuse…but it makes the fight that Austin and I had so minute and not worth our time.

So that was my lesson from last week.  It’s amazing how God can highlight your flaws. And those kids who skip church to do homework… I need to start giving them the benefit of the doubt. Maybe they have extended essays every week. Lol


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