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Not any better


The theme of the conference was “Revolution of Love”. I see it as math. The Bible says, God is love. The Bible also says, God is the fulfillment of the Law. Therefore, Love is the fulfillment of the law.

What does this mean? The fulfillment of the law determines a set of rules that you are supposed to live. We are supposed to live an example of love. We aren’t supposed to judge others. We are supposed to accept each individual the way he/she is because we aren’t any better. Acceptance is another form of love. We aren’t supposed to walk with pride. We aren’t any better than anyone else. The thirst you would have for yourself if you hadn’t had water in days needs to be the same thirst you have when your neighbor doesn’t have water. YOU HAVE TO BE LOVE. AND LOVE OTHERS AS MUCH AS YOU LOVE YOURSELF.

This gives me goosebumps every time I think about it because I realize how unworthy I am to be loved. I came back from the conference, and I realized how bitter I was to individuals I believed to have “bad morals”. It made me mad when these individuals slept around and disrespected girls. I would cringe at the sound of their names. But I’m honestly not any better than them. I still have to be an example of love. I may not agree with what they do, but I am still not any better than them.

So now I am trying to live a revolution of love through God. God is love.


Purpose of Life


Hi 🙂 I’m sorry it took so long to get back on. I’m sure my readers are just soo eager read my posts :). Hahah.

Two weekends ago I went to a church conference in Dallas. It was amazing. Not only did I meet people this time, God allowed me to learn something. It was so weird. Before the conference I was stuck on this question of: What is the purpose of my life? If God already knows what I’m going to do…what is the point? It is like God is watching a movie he already knows the ending to. What is the point? Now think about that …

At the conference: Sermon #2 
Our purpose in life is to praise God. And not because he is a conceded God, but because if we didn’t glorify him in everything we did we would become self centered beings. The one and only way to reach ultimate satisfaction or pleasure is not through sexual or drug addictions. The one and only way is through glorifying God. 

What. That to me was such a satisfying answer. Before the conference I asked God to speak to me. He literally directly spoke to me. And it makes perfect sense. In anything we do, we should be doing it for God. He didn’t need us. He wanted us. The maker of the mountains and the heavens wants us. Frankly, I find that extremely flattering. So, we have no reason not to do everything for him. #GloryToGod