Do it for yourself


I truly appreciate people who things because they want to. I hate when people do things because they are trying please/impress others, or because someone is telling them that is what they should do, or even for a college application. I see this in today’s era where people party just to show others that they “know how to have a good time.” Or people let others control what they do in their relationships. Or even, “I’m going to do this community service because it looks good for my resume”.

You know yourself better than anyone who is trying to dictate your life. I’m not saying completely ignore these people, their perspective or advice can be helpful…but it’s advice. You use it to HELP you make the decision rather than make the decision for you.

When you go to school every day, you should want to learn. You shouldn’t be doing it for the grade. When you go to work, you should want to do it help your company, not want the money. When you do community service, you should do it because you want to. You want to help those people. When you make decisions, you should do it because YOU want to. YOU feel that it’s the right decision. You aren’t here on this earth to please anyone else, other than God. (And those slight exceptions like parents…but those are more responsibilities. In the same way, you should want to be responsible for them.)

And the only way you will know its the right decision is tied into your relationship with God. That’s why you have to pray. That’s a different topic though. I know I’m not perfect, but it’s what I’m trying to follow. I need to be able to form my own opinions, my own decisions. I am an independent woman who has God making these decisions with me.

And just to clarify, if you’re one of those individuals who worry about being good enough for college, I understand. But if you end up doing things for college that don’t fit you (aka you don’t like to do it), you’re going to end up at a college that doesn’t fit you. If you do things for yourself, you will actually end up at a college that fits you. And that’s what you ultimately want.

So next time you do anything, ask yourself why you’re doing it. Not only does it give you motivation to actually do it, you’ll find greater purpose in yourself.


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