Exponential Love


I just wanted to share a wonderful insight today. My boss has been dating her fiance for almost five years (Maybe longer?). Their names are Chris and Carly…literally the cutest couple name ever. Carly has told me many stories about Chris, but I had never actually met Chris until today when he surprised Carly at work. 

I have known Carly for about a year, and I have never seen Carly so… (for lack of better words) happy and giggly before. Even after being together five years later, Carly is still on cloud nine with the love of her life. And that to me is amazing. This is real, growing love. 

Our generation has become so inherently selfish and unwilling to compromise that it is so rare now to see this type of love. A relationship becomes about I, not us, our family, and our loved ones. And this doesn’t imply just marriage, this includes any relationship. For example, friendships and relationships with relatives. And I know that there is a difference between platonic love and romantic love, but they both stem from the same concept – love. A true relationship means you are willing to accept an individual’s imperfections as their perfect personality. It means you will love this individual for who they really are no matter what. 

Chris and Carly’s relationship really inspired me to invest more of myself in the relationships I care about, to increase my love for these individuals each and everyday. In earlier posts I talked about how the only way to love is through God. I always pray that my marriage will have the same excitement and growing love Chris and Carly already do. And I pray the love Chris and Carly have for each other continues to grow and grow and grow.


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