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My heart is heavy right now. I almost feel emotionless. In the past ten days we have had 3 suicides at my school.

I’m not going to sit here and pretend I knew them, because I didn’t. One of these students was in my athletic training class with his younger brother. All I imagine right now is his younger brother and how he’s doing right now. And his other 4+ siblings and family. Pain and sorrow. That was the closest I ever came to knowing any of them.

What these three students symbolize though is how there needs to be change. I’m getting sick of social media flaunting this idea of “Everyone a Huskie”, because those are just words. I want individuals to know they have value.  It scares me because I feel the number of friends I have suffering through depression increases each day. I wish I could tell them how much value and worth they have in not only my life, but in everyone’s life. I wish I could sit here and tell them that I come to school just to see them.

It’s easy to have words and wishes though. These have no value unless actions are taken to help achieve these.
I pray God works in the lives of all of us and helps us make a difference.

Heavy Heart




So #PerksOfBeingInStuCO, I get to sell leftover Wish-Week T-Shirts that didn’t sell before the assembly. Now, I literally sat there monstrously telling people that they were terrible people for not supporting the wonderful cause of sending our darling child to Hawaii. I sounded like a maniac and everyone ignored me. Thankfully Isabelle (our freshman child) would scream out people’s names who acknowledged her “Hey, you’re in my spanish class! Buy a T-Shirt! friends” to buy a shirt. In the end we sold about 5 T-Shirts. Whoo! 

Hahaha. Honestly, the entire situation made me mad… until we sold the 5th T-shirt. It was a small kid who seemed to be bullied all the time. When we asked, he stopped by. He asked how much it was. $10. “Awesome”, he said, and asked for a large. Unfortunately, we only had mediums and smalls left. His response, “Aw, I’m not going to fit into those. I’m too fat.” He was being dead serious. I felt terrible. “But it’s okay, I can give it to my sister.” His sister was five. He really bought a T-shirt to support the cause 🙂 

For some reason that scene is still in my head. Of course now we know his name, Jared. 🙂 Kids like him deserve to be known. He’s an amazing kid, and made a difference. And I hope he knows that too. Jared is amazing 🙂