So #PerksOfBeingInStuCO, I get to sell leftover Wish-Week T-Shirts that didn’t sell before the assembly. Now, I literally sat there monstrously telling people that they were terrible people for not supporting the wonderful cause of sending our darling child to Hawaii. I sounded like a maniac and everyone ignored me. Thankfully Isabelle (our freshman child) would scream out people’s names who acknowledged her “Hey, you’re in my spanish class! Buy a T-Shirt! friends” to buy a shirt. In the end we sold about 5 T-Shirts. Whoo! 

Hahaha. Honestly, the entire situation made me mad… until we sold the 5th T-shirt. It was a small kid who seemed to be bullied all the time. When we asked, he stopped by. He asked how much it was. $10. “Awesome”, he said, and asked for a large. Unfortunately, we only had mediums and smalls left. His response, “Aw, I’m not going to fit into those. I’m too fat.” He was being dead serious. I felt terrible. “But it’s okay, I can give it to my sister.” His sister was five. He really bought a T-shirt to support the cause 🙂 

For some reason that scene is still in my head. Of course now we know his name, Jared. 🙂 Kids like him deserve to be known. He’s an amazing kid, and made a difference. And I hope he knows that too. Jared is amazing 🙂 


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  1. Update 2/2/2016: I just ran into Jared almost two years later at the candy store! He didn’t remember me, but he did tell me his sister wears the shirt. He is so great!

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