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Hello I just wanted to share a quick post because I normally do about 1 a month since about forever and currently it is 11:49 on MARCH 31st! I have so much to talk about except I haven’t had the time to elaborate.

Anyways, today I quickly want to share a new lifestyle change. It’s awesome! Last week was spring break. So, I made it a point to catch up on life. I had some form of exercise every day except for two break days. One included farming!! Well, farming was actually weeding. Haha, but that inspired me to start gardening this summer! Other activities included snowboarding, and normal gym eliptical treadmill exercises. Let me just tell you, sticking to an exercise program is easier when you have an accountability partner. Mine is Bridgit, because we’re running the Bolder Boulder together! However she’s back in college now so……..

And then I also started eating healthier. I haven’t eaten at any fast food places since last week. And trust me, I know that sounds so bad, like I eat outside ridiculously or something. LET ME JUST CLARIFY. I used to succumb to temptation by buying a large Chik-Fil-A fries whenever I drove by it before piano. Or, not only eat the lunch my mom packed for me. But ALSO eat panera. Or some other restaurant idk. I just had a very hard time disciplining myself. SO, last week I did discipline myself. And this week, when I went to piano…I DIDN’T BUY CHICK FIL A. I was proud of myself. Now please don’t think I lavishly spend my money on food. I don’t. But there’s more that I can save if I discipline myself. So I did!

Also one last note: Today I spoke with a college admissions officer. She was the head of the aerospace engineering program. We talked for a half an hour. Unfortunately it was not because I had so many questions, but because she was so passionate! She had so much to say because when you’re passionate about something you just want to continue discussing it! You have so many comments about it! And stories! So now my next step to this lifestyle is finding my passion. Because I truly don’t think I have found it yet. Anyways.


11:59!! I will blog a deeper insight later friends. 😉