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Hello everyone! So a quick update on my life: college is coming by so quickly. While I am extremely excited about graduating and growing up, I am learning so much about myself even before I enter college. 

Last week was admitted students day, where over 4,000 admitted students toured campus, went to mock lectures, and met many many potential classmates. It was big and exciting. It also started at 7 in the morning. I went with an old friend of mine, Vasundhara, who lives in Texas (I don’t live in Texas, just so you guys aren’t confused. Lovely place though, a lot of my cousins live there). She’s coming back to Colorado, which is my home town. I am a Colo Native, WHOO! Now let me clarify, I thought I socialized enough before college, I really did. But literally, the number of people I met that day was absolutely ridiculous. By the time it was 12 I was literally passed out and overwhelmed by the number of people I had met. 

BUT THAT WASN’T EVEN CLOSE TO THE END! At 5, my friend Vasundhara who may I remind you lives in another state was co organizing this barbecue for students attending this event. What does that mean? That I had to socialize even more. The big group was supposed to meet at this huge field. However, because neither of us were familiar with the campus, we ended up being the last one’s to meet the huge group waiting for us. Well…waiting for her. Lol. Anyways, the people waiting for us… they were an interesting crowd. I really don’t want to expand on what types of people they were, I just want to emphasize that they were different. 

Now, I never thought I was thaat judgmental. I know being judgmental is human nature, but some struggle with it more than others. While living in the suburban neighborhood I live in now, I was definitely the weirdest it got. The definition of “ghetto” means that a building hasn’t been renovated in the past five years. Everyone is wearing name-branded clothing. Everyone else was that basic girl…or guy. Everyone was almost the SAME. A typical “rando” (as Kayla would say) did not exist in this part of town. I realized, that’s why I really never knew what “different” was. When I saw those different girls on the field that day, I judged because they were “different” from me. But I realized, in college there are going to be SO many people that live different lifestyles than what I do, that ARE different from who I am. However, that doesn’t mean I have the right to judge! (Whether or not I believe in their values…this is another topic for discussion however.) I know this is a common lesson we learn, but you really never realize how you pass judgement until you are put in this situation.

By the end of the evening I must say I did meet many more people. I was still exhausted by the number of people I met and to be onest I don’t think I remember any of their names. Luckily, I will probably not be seeing any of them around again because we will be on opposite ends of campus. I do want to point out though, I never saw Vasundhara judge any of them for being different. That is actually the reason my judgement was so emphasized. I don’t know if that’s just a common thing in Texas or what. Lol, just kidding. 😉 But I really respected that! 

Anyways, two morals of the story:

1) Don’t judge others for being “different”.

2) Prepare yourself for being social because it is necessary especially when you enter college.