tips on how to buy books


So because in two days, the Fault in Our Stars is coming out in theatres (!!), my sister Don and I decided to read it. Now, in middle school teachers held this thing called book clubs where a group is assigned the same book to read. You read the book at the same time, and then gather at specific sections of the book to discuss it. And…you could eat food together if you wanted. Don and I were totally going to do this with the Fault in Our Stars. I mean, I think Hannah (Don) more wanted to do it because she wanted Starbucks #lol. But, I was down because I know we both wanted to read it before we watched it. 

SO, yesterday my family and I planned to go to Barnes and Nobles. My parents were in the store next door and Hannah and I went to the bookstore to purchase our books. Yes, books. The only way this book club thing would work is if we bought two copies of the book. And yes all the books were checked out at the library. SO, we confidently bought two books. The lady asked me if I wanted a gift receipt…and I said no. Then I came back to meet my parents. 

Then, my dad saw that we purchased two of the same book. He made us return it. If you can imagine, I was extremely embarrassed that five minutes later I was returning the second copy. The lady wasn’t even surprised. It’s like she knew it was coming! 

Anyways, now Hannah and I are sharing one copy of the book to do this book club ish. And the reason right now I am blogging is because DON TOOK THE COPY OF THE BOOK TO THE GYM!! (She is at the gym right now). No hard feelings don’t worry. 

Moral of the story: Don’t buy two of the same book. 


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