eh it’s nothing


Sorority recruitment is this week! It’s a little terrifying considering that every person that finds out I’m rushing is like… “YOU’RE rushing?” I don’t really know if the sorority life is for me, but I’m rushing anyway. There’s no loss (other than the $65 registration down the drain…), and I’ll finally meet other girls hopefully.

Anyways, the entire process is about “making yourself stand out.” To be honest, I was/am scared/nervous. So, while I was journaling I was trying to boost my self esteem by telling myself I was a unique individual and I am significant in so many ways. It was ironic though because later that night our floor was having a deep discussion about the perspective of life, and this perspective was that in the end, our lives are so insignificant. We are essentially nothing.

Having these two ideas juxtaposed next to each other were interesting. It gave me a wider angle to look at the situation from. It helped me realize that this is just another event in my life that will pass and will be over in merely the blink of an eye. This too, shall pass.


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