size of ur stich


You know it’s interesting because it always seemed like people who go through traumatic life events are so much more mature than I am. After going through a traumatic life experience, they seem to know who they are, what they want in life, you know? It bothered me because as shallow as this sounds, I wanted to go through a traumatic life experience in order to find myself, in order to become a stronger and more interesting person. Ridiculous, right?

I always remembered hearing that God will only put you through what you can handle (which I just found out is not actually written in the Bible, God says he won’t allow you to be tempted above your abilities). Despite all of this information that I just learned, my natural instinct was to think “Wow, God doesn’t think I can handle anything then…because my life seems SO extremely mediocre.” But, I was wrong. I realized that I have little problems that I’ve overlooked and haven’t fixed. There are problems that I’ve been avoiding and running away from. And although they are small, my situations are not any less valuable of an experience than someone going through a problem at a much more traumatic level. I mean, these struggles aren’t always as life changing, but these situations do shape me into who I am. And in reality, God knows exactly what he’s doing. He knows exactly what I can handle. And that is what became evident.


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