Ugh physics my favorite subject


Here I am casually sitting in the C4C dining center studying my favorite subject – Physics. For those of you who know me, you know I’m being sarcastic. I absolutely despise physics. It’s like automatic asphyxiation to my throat. That was kind of dark. Anyways, I have a physics midterm tomorrow that I started studying for yesterday, which I regret now not starting earlier.

On Monday when I should have been studying… I was at the theatres. Yay Salome. But before you sit here judging me, let me explain why this may not have been as terrible of a decision as it sounds.

I watched Interstellar. For those of you who haven’t seen it, watch it now. The entire concept was absolutely incredible. It blew my mind. The idea of gravity and how only specific forces and ideas can travel through dimensions, like, who comes up with this???

After I came out of the movie, I… appreciated physics. A lot more. Hahah, I actually found beauty in physics because of that movie. Not only that, I realized that there is a specific beauty to everything, including the way your simple coffee cup was designed to have a clean hollow mold to hold your hot chocolate and even the way water comes out from the tap. It’s beautiful. And now, while I cram the next three chapters tonight for tomorrow’s test, it’s not as dreadful as it used to be. It’s a different form of beauty that I have no reason not to appreciate. 🙂


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