god the faithful


Lately I’ve been shown that every bad thing that happens is not God. I cannot blame God for anything bad that happens to me because it’s not him; it’s not his fault.

From what I’m understanding, it’s the devil who is leading me to negatively influenced situations and myself who is allowing myself to fall into whatever his trap his. But here’s the cool thing: God is so faithful. He is SO faithful. And prayer, is so powerful. It’s really hard to realize this until you look at the bigger picture and the grand scheme of things. And this, applies to everything, big and small.

Despite all the motivation I had from my last blog post about studying physics, I did not do well. To me, the worst feeling was spending hours upon hours studying and still not understanding anything. And that’s exactly how I felt. I’d laugh about it on the outside, while on the inside I knew how I really felt.

I started studying two weeks early. Then the weekend before finals came, I thought things made sense. On Saturday I had committed to training weeks ago for a new job from 8-4 back at home, an hour away. My thoughts: I have more two days to understand physics, and an entire day is being used to work. Ahh.

Little did I know that it was a blessing in disguise. That morning I vaguely mentioned to my dad that I had a few questions (like 3) to ask a family friend of ours since he lived back in my hometown. While I was at work, my dad talked to him, and I ended up spending Saturday evening and ALL of Sunday at his house. It was THEN, that I realized two things. A) Physics actually made sense. I could tell the difference between my previous knowledge and now. Physics was actually fun when it made sense. Also, it’s something you really can’t BS. B) God is so faithful. He gave me all the resources I needed. Sometimes there are things God has to spoon feed to us, and this was one of those things. But ultimately what that shows me is that God isn’t going to leave you in a cave without any light, he will most definitely guide you towards the direction you need to be.


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