right choice


Lately I’ve been struggling with making the right decision, or rather knowing what the right decision is. I’ve recently realized how sinful and terrible the world is. How selfish the world is. How manipulative people can be for their own benefits, and really not care about others. And it’s scary. I went from being the person who that humans were born inherently good to thinking that humans are born disgusting, sinful creatures. And it’s true. We are only able to give the love we have because God loved us first. Which is amazing considering how wretched we are.

I’m so used to simply believing that anyone, acquaintance or friend, has the best intentions for you. And now I’m realizing that I myself need to know what’s good. What the right choice really is. I never know. And I’ve been struggling so much. It’s like God is letting me floating amidst all these webs. No matter what choice I make, there’s always a consequence. And now I really don’t know if anything is right.


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