new pair of sweats


So I am a strong believer of NOT sticking gum underneath desks or chairs. Partially because in middle school if we were caught chewing gum in class, the janitors would make us scrape gum off of desks. (AKA gum was not allowed). Also it’s just plain mean. I used to only have one pair of sweatpants that I wore all the time. And you know what happened? Yup. I SAT IN GUM. I SAT IN GUM. It was literally on my butt. Like wtf. who puts GUM on a CHAIR. THAT IS SO HEARTLESS. Yeah, I walked from class onto the bus with this piece of whopping chewed sticky gum with some rando’s saliva.

ANYWAYS, long story short, after i tried removing the gum (and no the gum did not come off freaking useless people who stick gum on chairs), I left the pair of pants on my dresser. And it just sat there. And it was yesterday that I finally decided to move the pants away from my dresser. Believe it or not my room looked CLEANER.

The big picture I am trying to reach with this story is that sometimes change can help you see another perspective or clear your view on things. For example, a little tmi, sometimes I wait longer to get my eyebrows done because afterwards my face looks slightly cleaner. (ahhahahah). Sometimes drastic change is nice, friends. Aka a nice change in my grades this sem would be nice. Or a nice change of idk neighbors (sarcastic if you didn’t catch that) or pants. Yes, I have a new pair of sweats that I’m wearing rn. stupid people who stick gum on chairs.


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