Monthly Archives: December 2015



HI GUYS. YES I AM ALIVE. Literally it is a miracle. This semester has been pure evidence to me that God exists and God’s grace is always with us and that God is on our side. No matter what. It is only by the grace of God that I have passed all my classes, placed some people who were once very important behind me, and grown in the relationships that matter.

When i look back, it’s weird to think that I spent all of high school tailoring myself to go to med school and be premed. And when i say tailor, i mean spent 3 summers before college working on cancer research, taking 6 am pre med classes, and volunteering at the hospital every week. I spent a LOT of time preparing for this. And no, I don’t regret having these experiences because I have most definitely gained so much knowledge and skills through them, but it does surprise how even when you think you know where you’ll end up, you don’t. currently i am in chemical and biological engineering…and it’s amazing because I took Organic chemistry through the sciences department and then a chemical engineering class through the engineering department, both of which are required for my major. after these classes, i most definitely realized that I LOVED my chemical engineering class, much more than my organic chemistry class, and that I was right where i belonged. and that’s the cool part, while you think you have your life planned out, there are so many intricate details that you don’t know…which is most definitely the beauty of life and the more proof that God exists.

anyways, moral of this post is that even when you think that you don’t have a hold of your life, god does. and he will lead you to WHERE you are supposed to be, and sometimes it may seem like an endless circle of obstacles and hoops, but in the end, you will be where you are supposed to be. terrified and excited for next semester. #AllGloryToGod