why you should try to look nice


as you know i definitely think it is an art to look good while wearing tees and no make up. tbh, i’ve probably mastered it. totally just kidding. and this is why.

the other day i was wearing a normal vail t shirt, you know. I had worn it all day and honestly didn’t think much of it because this is a typical outfit i wear… shirt and leggings. easy, quick, hot. then i was snapchatting *cute* boy with this shirt on and he responds with… “did you just work out”. ok *cute* boy, if work out means walking to class then YES I DID WORK OUT. also at this point realized that by doing this i could also convince *cute* boy that i work out all the time and am in great shape… hm not a bad idea. hahaha joking. i realized that shirt+leggings = easy+quick+sweaty looking. anyways now i’m trying to look a little nicer/no t-shirts which is failing because i’m currently wearing a $5 long sleeved t shirt from walmart (which are the BEST by the way, i have one in every color). anyways, just wanted to pop in and say hello


yours truly,

ps side note: the waitress at ihop just came up to me and said it is OK to eat unhealthy. that’s RIGHT *cute* snapchat boy at least i LOOK like i’m in AWESOME SHAPE. HA. HA.



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