Monthly Archives: February 2016

current state of the union


Current update on my life guys: I am in a “History of Musical Theater” class at 8 am every Monday, Wednesday, Friday that consists of a solid 12 people. (makes sense to use the term “a dozen” here, dozen’t it?) However, my teacher decided to be generous and wanted to let us sleep in next Friday (aka tomorrow) and have an online discussion where you post one question and answer 2 others due Friday at 5 pm in lieu of class. It’s 12 the night before and no one, not a SINGLE person has posted anything. Now as much as I enjoy learning about the historical progression of musicals… i would find it hysterical if no one wrote anything. THE CLOCK IS TICKING FRIENDS. I’LL KEEP YOU UPDATED.

3/23/16 update: some fools wrote posts so yeah… the assignment still happened. sigh.


Chicken Curry for da Soul


So lately I’ve been trying to focus on myself. (#Conceded) Trying to focus on myself in terms of how I can be a better person. The screensaver on my phone right now says “What is done in love is done well.” One aspect of this is loving other people and understanding them.

If you think about the essence of a person, it’s their soul. A soul. I personally believe that all humans have good in them, whether its abundant or barely noticeable. It’s there because we are human: we are vulnerable and we aren’t made to survive alone. And a consequence of this is goodness, or a more accurate word is love. At First Prez last week actually, they talked about how humans were created for good, but damaged by evil and sin. But here’s the cool part… when we say that Jesus saved us from evil, Jesus ALSO saved us for good. (WHAT.) That being said, within every soul there is goodness.

I think when we make it a point to understand the depth of a person, we see a glimpse of what God sees in us, as broken and terrible sinners, you know?? it’s really all so beautiful