current state of the union


Current update on my life guys: I am in a “History of Musical Theater” class at 8 am every Monday, Wednesday, Friday that consists of a solid 12 people. (makes sense to use the term “a dozen” here, dozen’t it?) However, my teacher decided to be generous and wanted to let us sleep in next Friday (aka tomorrow) and have an online discussion where you post one question and answer 2 others due Friday at 5 pm in lieu of class. It’s 12 the night before and no one, not a SINGLE person has posted anything. Now as much as I enjoy learning about the historical progression of musicals… i would find it hysterical if no one wrote anything. THE CLOCK IS TICKING FRIENDS. I’LL KEEP YOU UPDATED.

3/23/16 update: some fools wrote posts so yeah… the assignment still happened. sigh.


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