Spring 2016 review


Hi friends! I have 8 minutes before I head over to work and I realized that last semester I did not get the chance to write a reflection upon my semester, and trust me guys – last semester a reflection is MUCH needed.

Spring semester was ROUGH. So stressful. At least one to two midterms every week. Being scheduled by the hour. Every MINUTE of sleep mattered because we’d be on 5-6 hours every night. Buuuuut….let me backtrack a little.

Fall semester of college after all the crazy ish happened with my psycho controlling ex – i was not necessarily left in the greatest of conditions. I was not doing awesome in school, I had isolated everyone (aka i was a friendless soul), and i was awkward af. Now while the awkward part has still not really improved, I remember throughout the semester my prayer request would always be the same: God, please help me find a home. Obviously not my home with my parentals, because they are AWESOME, and I couldn’t ask for a better place to grow up and go whenever I feel like a need to be replenished. But, by home, I meant a home in Boulder.

Last semester, God really provided that for me. And it’s insane how quickly God opened doors and literally turned my life around. The first week of school I randomly sat by this girl who I had met my FRESHMAN year of college and some other randos, then being the awkward soul I am, the next day I purposely avoided this girl and her friends and sat alone somewhere else. THEN, for unknown circumstances, the second week of school, we sat next to each other again…and again…and again. Whoever knew that this rando girl would become one of my closest friends months later and we’d literally be spending everyday together?

God did homiez. My friendship with Maddy couldn’t have been timed any better. We had literally every class together, and studying with a friend rather than alone (lol, loser), I did so much better in school. On top of that, I was actually able to enjoy my time with Bridgit (best friend from back home) during her last semester of college (sad face) WITHOUT having some (psychotic) ex obligation in the back of my head, while juggling everything including yoga everyday, working with Globemed, 7am bible study, and other social ish. I’m finally learning how to learn. I’m finally meeting people outside of the group of people i know AND i’m learning how to cook! I FINALLY feel like i’m growing. and it’s awesome.

To sum it up – obviously during the semester you can never really see the pieces coming together. If you think about it like Pokemon GO, you can always see where God’s hiding a Pikachu or where the CP 506 animals are (yes, i’m not that high up) after you’ve caught them. And it’s crazy because it ALL adds up and becomes this beautiful portrait of your life. SO exciting. And it’s not getting any easier (like i will probz die this semester in terms of classes), but I am SO ready, and SO excited.



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