Chicken Curry for da Soul


So lately I’ve been trying to focus on myself. (#Conceded) Trying to focus on myself in terms of how I can be a better person. The screensaver on my phone right now says “What is done in love is done well.” One aspect of this is loving other people and understanding them.

If you think about the essence of a person, it’s their soul. A soul. I personally believe that all humans have good in them, whether its abundant or barely noticeable. It’s there because we are human: we are vulnerable and we aren’t made to survive alone. And a consequence of this is goodness, or a more accurate word is love. At First Prez last week actually, they talked about how humans were created for good, but damaged by evil and sin. But here’s the cool part… when we say that Jesus saved us from evil, Jesus ALSO saved us for good. (WHAT.) That being said, within every soul there is goodness.

I think when we make it a point to understand the depth of a person, we see a glimpse of what God sees in us, as broken and terrible sinners, you know?? it’s really all so beautiful


human nachure


So i learned this at core group the other day and thought it was so cool:

psychologists say that we as humans mostly want to be known and to be accepted, which makes sense. if you talk about celebrities who have all the money, they’re never happy because money isn’t satisfying. satisfaction always relates to people you surround yourself with and how deep your relationships are. (this also means there’s no point in keeping your money so you can give it to me)

anyways, the cool part is: humans are like that in nature because we are made in the image of God. God wants us to accept him, and us to know him, and more than anything God wants us to have a relationship with him. WHAAAAAT.

ok peace ~sal

why you should try to look nice


as you know i definitely think it is an art to look good while wearing tees and no make up. tbh, i’ve probably mastered it. totally just kidding. and this is why.

the other day i was wearing a normal vail t shirt, you know. I had worn it all day and honestly didn’t think much of it because this is a typical outfit i wear… shirt and leggings. easy, quick, hot. then i was snapchatting *cute* boy with this shirt on and he responds with… “did you just work out”. ok *cute* boy, if work out means walking to class then YES I DID WORK OUT. also at this point realized that by doing this i could also convince *cute* boy that i work out all the time and am in great shape… hm not a bad idea. hahaha joking. i realized that shirt+leggings = easy+quick+sweaty looking. anyways now i’m trying to look a little nicer/no t-shirts which is failing because i’m currently wearing a $5 long sleeved t shirt from walmart (which are the BEST by the way, i have one in every color). anyways, just wanted to pop in and say hello


yours truly,

ps side note: the waitress at ihop just came up to me and said it is OK to eat unhealthy. that’s RIGHT *cute* snapchat boy at least i LOOK like i’m in AWESOME SHAPE. HA. HA.


lord’s prayer


i think the other day for the first time i took the time to actually think about what the lord’s prayer means.

hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come
-holy is your name, we are in the devil’s kingdom right now, may god’s kingdom come

may thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven
-god’s will is already done in heaven, it is up to us to complete his will here and we need to seek god to do that

give us this day our daily bread
-god provides us with the “daily bread”, our fulfillment of the day. i notice a direct correlation between how satisfied i feel with how much time i spend with god

forgive us of our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us
-forgiveness comes from the father to give and receive. please father help us mold us hearts and break them for what breaks yours

lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil
-the lord is my shield and will protect us

for thine is the kingdom, the power, and the glory forever and ever
-god rules and will rule forever til the end of time




HI GUYS. YES I AM ALIVE. Literally it is a miracle. This semester has been pure evidence to me that God exists and God’s grace is always with us and that God is on our side. No matter what. It is only by the grace of God that I have passed all my classes, placed some people who were once very important behind me, and grown in the relationships that matter.

When i look back, it’s weird to think that I spent all of high school tailoring myself to go to med school and be premed. And when i say tailor, i mean spent 3 summers before college working on cancer research, taking 6 am pre med classes, and volunteering at the hospital every week. I spent a LOT of time preparing for this. And no, I don’t regret having these experiences because I have most definitely gained so much knowledge and skills through them, but it does surprise how even when you think you know where you’ll end up, you don’t. currently i am in chemical and biological engineering…and it’s amazing because I took Organic chemistry through the sciences department and then a chemical engineering class through the engineering department, both of which are required for my major. after these classes, i most definitely realized that I LOVED my chemical engineering class, much more than my organic chemistry class, and that I was right where i belonged. and that’s the cool part, while you think you have your life planned out, there are so many intricate details that you don’t know…which is most definitely the beauty of life and the more proof that God exists.

anyways, moral of this post is that even when you think that you don’t have a hold of your life, god does. and he will lead you to WHERE you are supposed to be, and sometimes it may seem like an endless circle of obstacles and hoops, but in the end, you will be where you are supposed to be. terrified and excited for next semester. #AllGloryToGod

new pair of sweats


So I am a strong believer of NOT sticking gum underneath desks or chairs. Partially because in middle school if we were caught chewing gum in class, the janitors would make us scrape gum off of desks. (AKA gum was not allowed). Also it’s just plain mean. I used to only have one pair of sweatpants that I wore all the time. And you know what happened? Yup. I SAT IN GUM. I SAT IN GUM. It was literally on my butt. Like wtf. who puts GUM on a CHAIR. THAT IS SO HEARTLESS. Yeah, I walked from class onto the bus with this piece of whopping chewed sticky gum with some rando’s saliva.

ANYWAYS, long story short, after i tried removing the gum (and no the gum did not come off freaking useless people who stick gum on chairs), I left the pair of pants on my dresser. And it just sat there. And it was yesterday that I finally decided to move the pants away from my dresser. Believe it or not my room looked CLEANER.

The big picture I am trying to reach with this story is that sometimes change can help you see another perspective or clear your view on things. For example, a little tmi, sometimes I wait longer to get my eyebrows done because afterwards my face looks slightly cleaner. (ahhahahah). Sometimes drastic change is nice, friends. Aka a nice change in my grades this sem would be nice. Or a nice change of idk neighbors (sarcastic if you didn’t catch that) or pants. Yes, I have a new pair of sweats that I’m wearing rn. stupid people who stick gum on chairs.

CIA Agent Sal: Lost Identity


Feeling really good. It’s been awhile since I could say that I enjoyed school…and now God has allowed me to finally reach that point again. He has allowed me to understand everything and love it! This doesn’t mean it’s easier, but it DOES mean it’s doable. School IS doable. In retrospect, I’m sure the rough time period definitely taught me humility and how to not attach my identity to school (LOL nerd, shallow moment of the day). Often, we attach our identities with worldly characteristics and talents, like being smart, or being musically talented, or being pretty. But these worldly characteristics can literally be gone over night. If God has the power to give them to you, he just as much has the power to take them away. That being said…what should our identity be attached to??